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Dodge Ram 1500 Tonneau Cover

Tips on How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Dodge Ram 1500 Tonneau Cover

Truck owners usually choose this type of vehicle for its utility. So it isn't a wonder that they also think the same way when deciding on truck add-ons to purchase. Among the most practical add-ons you can get for your Dodge Ram is a tonneau cover. It enhances your truck's functionality by allowing you to transport goods on your truck bed without worrying about them getting damaged by natural elements or flown off the truck as you speed off. It also improves the truck's aerodynamic qualities.

If you already have a Dodge Ram 1500 tonneau cover, the next thing you have to worry about is how to make it last, so you can make full use of it. Below are some tips in maintaining the tiptop condition of your Ram's precious tonneau cover:

  • Clean your tonneau cover often.

It is a must that you maintain the cleanliness of your tonneau cover, including the rails. Dirt doesn't only affect the functions of your truck bed cover but also take away from what is otherwise a handsome-looking truck. After a long-distance trip, your tonneau cover, along with your ride, deserve a good wash. In case the cover caught some bird poop or tree sap during your travel or while you are on an adventure, you can spot-clean it to prevent them from hardening and becoming difficult to remove and from causing serious damage on the tonneau cover material.

  • Use only the right kind of cleaner and protectant.

When using a cleaner and a protectant, make sure they are designed for the type of material the cover is made of. If you've got a vinyl tonneau cover, go for a vinyl cleaner. It would be wise to pick a cleaner and protectant that's non-toxic and with biodegradable formula that can safely be used on various types of materials and surfaces. Also, it pays to go for a protectant that does not streak and doesn't have silicone contents. By applying a protectant, the tonneau cover usually becomes easier to clean next time.

  • Regularly check the tonneau cover for signs of damage.

Another way to make your Dodge Ram 1500 tonneau cover last long is to regularly examine it for dings, nicks, bumps, corrosion, looseness, or any other sign of damage. Also check the bolts, clamps, and other mounting hardware to be sure that they aren't loose and are securely in place. The rails, on the other hand, should be free of nicks and debris to ensure smooth closing and opening of the tonneau cover. If you feel any resistance while you slide the cover, you can apply lubricant to restore the cover's smooth movement.

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  • Some Tips to Help You with Your DIY Dodge Ram 1500 Tonneau Cover Installation

    No matter what your purpose is for getting a Dodge Ram—be it for work or for leisure—your truck won’t be fully functional if it doesn’t have a tonneau cover. This add-on protects your payload while enhancing the truck’s aerodynamic qualities. However, having a professionally installed tonneau cover may cost you an arm and a leg. That’s the reason most truck owners resort to installing it by themselves. If you are among those who want to carry out DIY Dodge Ram 1500 tonneau cover installation, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    Tip #1: Be familiar with the entire installation instructions.

    Before starting off, it would be wise to read and familiarize yourself first with the entire installation instructions for you to gauge if you’re apt for the task or not. Since you’ll also know all the tools and equipment you need to complete the task, you can spare some time gathering what you don’t have before you start. Also, you can estimate how much time you should allot in doing this project all by yourself and when you should do it.

    Tip #2: Double check the alignment of the tonneau cover rails before installing the cover.

    The tonneau cover won’t smoothly slide open and close if the rails are not properly aligned. So during installation, align the rails and put the mounting hardware loosely in such a way that they hold the rails in place without actually securing them. Double-check the alignment first and adjust if necessary before tightening the bolts or any mounting hardware.

    Tip #3: Make sure all the sealing surfaces are free of bulging and visible gaps.

    For the tonneau cover to be efficient enough in preventing water, dust, and airborne particles from finding their way into the truck bed and harming your payload, it must be properly installed with no gaps and bulges where these elements can seep in. So it is a good idea to carefully inspect all the sealing surfaces for bulging and any visible gaps before securing the cover in place. See to it that the tonneau cover sits flush on the gasket. If it doesn’t, make the necessary adjustment on the position of the rails.