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Dodge Ram 2500 Parts and Dodge Ram 2500 Accessories

Dodge Ram 2500 Problems

The Dodge Ram 2500 revolutionized the face of full-size pickups in 1994 with its shouldered fender and prominent grille, giving it a tastefully muscular and rugged look. Truck aficionados immediately fell in love with this model, causing its sales to rise up. But despite being a favorite in the market, the Ram 2500 still had its share of imperfections. Here are the issues that Ram owners often encounter with their pickups:

Broken dashboard

Yes, this flaw on the Dodge Ram 2500 dashboard seems trivial, and it does not necessarily affect the truck's performance. However, a collapsed dashboard can actually be considered a safety issue. Electrical problems could be encountered, since various wirings are placed inside or near it. That is why complaints about it are astoundingly many. The issue was even heightened when Dodge Ram owners were told that the dash was not a recall item, so nothing could be expected from the manufacturer or dealer. It left some Dodge Ram owners to resort to replacing their broken dashboards with a new and sturdy one.

Death wobble

The "death wobble" has been coined by consumers and car experts to refer to the steering problem of the Dodge Ram 2500. According to reports, Dodge Ram owners experienced harsh and uncontrollable vibrations in the steering system of their pickups when they hit a bump or a pothole. In 2011, an investigation was done to find out the cause of this problem. Not long after, Chrysler announced a Dodge Ram 2500 recall over faulty tie rods. Around 243,000 trucks were affected by it, including the 2003 to 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 models.

Structure concerns

Dodge Ram owners have also raised their concerns about some structural components of their trucks. This kind of issue is actually typical to any vehicle, and in fairness to the Dodge Ram 2500, body problems are considerably kept at a minimum. Some of these setbacks included malfunctioning power door locks, which won't allow the Dodge Ram 2500 doors to open. There were also reports about front hoods that suddenly fell off, which could possibly injure the people nearby. It was known to have been caused by the failure of the shock absorber lift on the front hood.