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Dodge Ram 2500 Bumper

How to Maintain the Looks and Integrity of Your Dodge Ram 2500 Bumper

The Dodge Ram 2500 owes its impressive bold exterior design not just from its aerodynamic, forward-leaning grille but also from its good-looking chrome bumper. The chrome grille and bumper, along with other exterior features, give the Ram 2500 its distinctively handsome face as well as its big-rig styling. If that's one thing you love about your Dodge, isn't it just right that you take good care of the truck's façade to maintain not just its looks but also the reliability of every front-end component?

When it comes to your Dodge Ram 2500 bumper, here are some tips to help you maintain not only the appeal and radiance of the chrome but also the part's functionality:

  • Drive carefully to avoid head-on collision and other road mishaps.

Of course, the best way to keep your bumper from getting severely damaged is to be careful when driving to avoid frontal crashes, hitting a wall or a hard object when parking, and other road mishap. During off-roading, make sure to avoid hitting big rocks, low-lying bushes and tree branches, deer and other animals, and other things that could cause damage on your bumper when you hit them.

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  • Things to Bear in Mind before Installing Your Dodge Ram 2500 Bumper

    The Dodge Ram 2500 is designed to help you work smarter and look manlier. With its bold styling, there's no doubt that it looks great, powerful, and ruggedly handsome—the kind that truly stands out from a sea of vehicles in a crowded parking lot. If you're the kind of owner who takes pride in that and you're thinking of replacing your Ram truck's smashed bumper as soon as possible to prevent it from taking away from the Ram's handsome looks, here are some things to keep in mind to help you pull off your DIY installation without so much hassle:

    Tip #1: Have a walk-through of the entire installation procedure.

    This should be a general rule when doing DIY installation not just of the bumper but of other auto parts as well. Reading the entire process and familiarizing yourself with the step-by-step procedure will help you determine whether you're apt for the task or not. By doing this, you will also know the materials and tools you need, and you can prepare them before your scheduled installation. You can consult your manual or the guide that's usually sent along with the new bumper for the comprehensive installation instructions.

    Tip #2: Ask someone to assist you with such DIY task.

    While you can do the Dodge Ram 2500 bumper installation without the help of a pro, that doesn't mean you no longer need help from anyone. The bumper isn't a small contraption, so it would be very difficult for you to have it properly installed without an assistant. You sure could use a helping hand to hold the one end of the bumper while you're working on and securing the other end. Trying to pull it off all by yourself may result in fitment or alignment issues or improperly tightened hardware.

    Tip #3: Exercise caution when drilling.

    If the task requires you to do some drilling, use extreme caution when doing so. Before using a power drill, make sure you have protective eyewear and gloves to protect yourself from potential injury. Be careful also so as not to puncture electrical wires, brake lines, fuel lines and other things that may get in your way.