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Dodge Ram 2500 Cold Air Intake

Best Tips to Ensure the Longevity of Your Dodge Ram 2500 Cold Air Intake

Your Dodge Ram 2500 cold air intake basically gives your truck the additional horsepower that it deserves. With your truck's rugged construction, it's only fitting that you give it an add-on that will make it even more powerful. Keeping your cold air intake working smoothly is important for the overall performance of your engine. Here are some tips on how you can do this without having to break a sweat:

  • Routinely inspect your cold air intake system.

Keeping an eye on the condition of your Dodge Ram 2500 cold air intake is important if you want to keep it working optimally. Most manufacturers recommend that you conduct routine check-ups every time your vehicle reaches a distance of 25,000 miles. Aside from this manufacturer-recommended interval, you should still evaluate the performance of your truck because this may also be a good indication if your cold air intake is performing the job that it's supposed to do or not. If you frequently drive over rough roads and polluted environments, it's highly likely that it will become filthier more quickly than normal. Don't wait for your vehicle to reach the prescribed schedule, check the cold air intake whenever you feel like it has accumulated enough dirt to affect its performance.

  • Know when to replace the filter.

The life of your cold air intake depends greatly on the health of its air filter. If this gets clogged up with dirt and debris, you can expect your entire engine to perform dismally. So make sure that you replace the filter in compliance with the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. In most cases, filter replacement is usually done every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

  • Clean it on a regular basis.

To get the best performance out of your cold air intake, you have to make sure that it's free from dust, debris, and grime. Use a cleaner that's compatible with air intake systems. These cleaners are usually available in aerosol type, making it easier for you to perform this task. Don't forget to read the user manual that came with your cold air intake system, this may give you further instructions on how you can properly take care of it. Not only will this increase your car's overall performance, it will also save you a good amount of money in the long run.

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  • How to Diagnose the Most Common Problems of a Dodge Ram 2500 Cold Air Intake

    It's the job of your Dodge Ram 2500 cold air intake to increase the air that's delivered to your engine. By doing this, it promotes better combustion and therefore, increases your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Considering all the benefits that the cold air intake has to offer, it's only understandable how this became a well-known automotive add-on among vehicle owners. Your Dodge Ram 2500 already looks striking and rugged as it is, getting it a cold air intake will surely make its engine as powerful as it looks.

    With all its advantages, there's got to be some drawbacks, right? Like every other component on your truck, your cold air intake isn't built to last a lifetime as well. It's bound to encounter some complications once in a while. When this happens, it's important that you diagnose the problem as soon as you can to keep it from affecting the over-all performance of your vehicle. Watch out for these two common symptoms of a failing cold air intake:

    Whining sounds

    There are many reasons why your truck may produce weird noises, and one of them is a faulty cold air intake. If you've been hearing whining or whirring sounds coming from your vehicle and you've checked that the other components that may result to this are all in good condition, then consider checking out your cold air intake. This is usually an indication that your intake system is clogged. To diagnose this problem, lift up the bonnet and turn on your engine. Have a friend rev it up while you're keeping an ear out for any unusual sounds coming from the cold air intake. If you confirmed that it's indeed producing noises, you should then check its components one by one. Pay attention to its hoses and clamps because this is usually the root cause of this problem.

    Low fuel economy and horsepower

    Your Dodge Ram 2500 cold air intake is there to add horsepower to you truck and give it better mileage. So if you've been experiencing the exact opposite of this intended purpose, then you can be sure that there's something wrong with your intake system. The most common cause of this problem is a clogged filter. Visually inspect it to see if it needs cleaning. Wash it up or replace it as needed.