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Dodge Ram 2500 Dash Cover

Tips on Maintaining Dodge Ram 2500 Dash Cover

Maintaining the interior's appearance should be a regular ritual for any Dodge Ram 2500 owner, or any truck or car owner for that matter. And one of the key parts of the interior that need to be maintained regularly is the dash cover. The Dodge Ram 2500 dash cover can quickly accumulate dust, dirt, stains, or even food crumbs if you're the type who keeps his sandwich on the dash. Over time, these could result in an ugly dash cover that no one wants to see.

Although it may take a bit of your time, cleaning the dash cover is relatively easy. In this guide, we'll share some tips on how to care for your Dodge Ram 2500 dash covers.

  • Clean the dash covers regularly.

Cleaning the dash covers not only rids it of dust and stains but also helps restore its color and vibrancy. Spot cleaning with warm water often removes most superficial stains, while a car vacuum can make short work of crumbs and other large particles. Make sure not to use harsh chemicals, however, as these can adversely affect the dash cover material.

  • Avoid putting liquids on top of the dash.

While putting your morning latte on top of the dash might be more convenient, it is also likely to spill onto the dash and lead to hard-to-remove stains. Keep those cups, tumblers, and mugs on the cup holders as much as possible.

  • Is the dash cover constantly slipping on the dash? The adhesive may have already worn out.

Dash cover fasteners gradually wear out over time, but it can also be accelerated with the use of certain types of protectant. If you notice the dash covers slipping all over the place, replace the adhesives. Make sure to wipe the dash clean first with mild detergent or rubbing alcohol before laying out the new adhesive.

  • Place a sun shade on the windshield when parking under the sun.

Dash covers will quickly fade when left out of the sun for too long, so when parking in the midday, make sure to use a windshield sun shade to block out those harmful UV rays. Better yet, have your truck parked in the shade if possible.

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  • Pointers on Installing Dodge Ram 2500 Dash Cover

    There’s really no good reason for you not to install a dash cover in your Dodge Ram 2500. Aside from making the dashboard prettier, it also protects it against dust and UV rays from the sun. But in order to do this, the Dodge Ram 2500 dash cover needs to be installed properly.

    Installing a new Dodge Ram 2500 dash cover is relatively easy and requires only an hour or two to accomplish. In this guide, we’ll lay out some important tips you need to follow when installing these dash covers in your truck.

    Tip #1: What type of dash cover do you have?

    How you install a dash cover on your Dodge Ram 2500 will depend largely on the type of cover you have. A custom-made dash cover, for example, will have a different process than that of universal covers as the latter will require extensive adjustments. Also, if the dash cover is non-molded, you will have to carefully roll it across the dashboard unlike that of a molded dash cover. Make sure to refer to the instruction sheet accompanying the dash cover you have purchased and follow the instructions specified.

    Tip #2: Clean the dashboard first.

    In addition to dust and dirt, cleaning the dashboard will also strip it of polish and wax that may stick onto the dash cover. Make sure to use only a mild ammonia-based agent as anything stronger would damage the plastic.

    Tip #3: Prefit, prefit, prefit!

    Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time measuring and prefitting the dash cover onto the dashboard. Doing so will ensure that the cover is properly aligned with the dashboard and, in the case of universal-fit covers, make accurate cuts on the cover material.

    Tip #4: Insert pieces of cardboard between the dash cover and windshield.

    This will create pressure on the dash cover edge against the window for a snug fit. You can also weigh down the middle portion of the dash cover with a large phone book.

    Tip #5: Make sure the cover is pushed all the way back between the glass and the front of the dashboard.

    As a rule of thumb, if the dash cover hangs over the front of the dashboard, the cover can still be pushed farther back. Check if the vent cutouts matches the defrost vents as well.