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Dodge Ram 2500 Exhaust System

Tips on Maintaining the Dodge Ram 2500 Exhaust System

Pick-up trucks require an effective exhaust system to be able to perform their duties well. What would be the use of a powerful engine if it will not be able to breathe properly? For some, adding aftermarket exhausts works for them because it boosts performance. But we all end up with the same issues if you take it for granted. A poorly-kept piping is prone to rust, corrosion, and clogs. Those are a no-no if you want the right amount of pressure to propel your system. Aside from that, holes in your Dodge Ram 2500 exhaust system can lead to noisy crackles and lackluster engine response. This can be prevented if you know how to take care of your exhaust system. Here are some tips on how to maintain your Dodge Ram 2500 exhaust system.

  • Always inspect the mounting points of the exhaust system.

From the manifold up to the muffler, your exhaust system relies on mounting hangers and clips that allow the pipes to hang from below your truck. The system stretches out almost two third the entire length of your truck. You don't want meters worth of steel piping dangling from beneath your truck. This can cause extreme hazard to you and other drivers on the road. Therefore, you should inspect these mounting components regularly to spot any issues. And if there are any issues, you should act quickly on it.

  • Clean your exhaust piping to avoid rust and corrosion.

An exhaust system plagued with holes and clogs will render your engine ineffective. You should be on a preventive stance on this matter. You should clean your piping once in a while to ensure that there will be no build ups of gunk and corrosion. You can clean the pipes using a degreaser or car shampoo. Be careful not to wet the inside of the exhaust system while cleaning. This can cause rust problems.

  • Have a proper parking space for your truck.

A decent shelter for your truck is a key to preserve its components. A properly paved parking ground and roof reduces the possibility of moisture build-up in your vehicle. Less moisture means less rust.

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  • Tips on How to Install the Dodge Ram 2500 Exhaust System

    Driving your truck with a healthy exhaust system is heaven sent. It makes your truck actively respond to your right foot. At the same, there is no crackling noise from behind that makes your truck sound like an old jalopy. You would want your truck to sound whole and brutish as you drive down the road. This can gain the approval of off-roaders and truckers alike. And if you want better exhaust notes, you can even go for aftermarket exhaust systems. But even before you decide to go for it, we want to give you an idea of how it is to get and mount one. Here are some tips on how to install the Dodge Ram 2500 exhaust system. Read along.

    Tip #1: Limit your search to exhaust systems that matches the year, model, and engine of your truck.

    First things first: you have to get the right exhaust system for your truck. This requires you to set certain parameters in your search. You will need to match your options to your truck's year, model, and engine. Being able to use these parameters will define the appropriate diameter, length, and composition of the pipes. From there, you can also choose the right exhaust note for your truck. You can go from mild to rumbling loud.

    Tip #2: Take your Dodge Ram 2500 to a lifter and inspect the undercarriage before installation.

    Your truck's exhaust system flows through its underside. You can trace the flow from the engine bay all the way to the area where the bed is mounted. To be able to have a thorough evaluation of your truck before the new exhaust system is mounted, you will need to have a clear view of the affected area. Putting your truck on a lifter is the way to go. You will have ample space to move around and inspect what's underneath.

    Tip #3: Tag your buddies along for extra elbow grease.

    Disassembling the old exhaust system and replacing it with a new one can be a handful if you are working alone. Piecing together your truck's exhaust system will require at least two individuals to work on your truck. Tag some friends to help you out. If there's none, drive by your nearest shop to have a mechanic help you out.