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Dodge Ram 2500 Fender

Tips to Remember When Cleaning and Refurbishing Your Dodge Ram 2500 Fender

Your Dodge Ram 2500 is designed to last any type of driving experience, whether you decide to travel off-road or in smooth paths. When you are driving, you will not be able to monitor the dirt that may come in contact with your ride. Thus, you need components that will ensure protection. For your wheels and the front braking system, your fender does the job. The fender shields the said components from different weather and from dirt as well. In addition, it provides a stylish look for your ride's exterior. Because of its constant contact with road elements, your fender can be damaged in just a short while, you need to maintain it. Here are some tips to keep your Dodge Ram 2500 fender in good condition:

  • Give your Ram 2500 a regular bath.

There's no better maintenance tip for exterior body panels than to keep them clean, and the best way you can do that is to give your ride its much-deserved regular wash. Do your regular washing routine, making sure you include the fender when applying car shampoo and wiping dirt off. It's a must to also include the back panel of the fender because that's where most dirt got accumulated. Since it's hidden from your view, you may not notice easily when it's starting to rust. So do not miss this part when cleaning your ride.

  • Treat scratches, dents, and minor damage at once.

If you've been involved in a parking mishap or you left your ride in an open, crowded parking lot and you found out that the fender has been dented or scratched, have the damage fixed as soon as you can. The kind of fix involved will depend on how severe the damage is, so the first thing you have to do is to assess the damage. Hairline and light scratches can easily be remedied using touch-up pens; but if the scratches have gone beyond the paint and expose even a small part of the sheet metal panel, then you may need to do some sanding and filling just to cover the exposed metal part where rust can start to form. The fixes needed for dents are different, though, and also depend on how serious the dents are.

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  • Tips for an Easier Installation of Your Dodge Ram 2500 Fender

    Your Dodge Ram 2500 fender provides superior protection for your wheels and front braking system. This component serves as a shield against road debris, dirt particles, and mud that may come in contact with your wheels. Aside from additional protection, they also enhance the look of your ride because each fender is customized for every type of vehicle. If you need to install a new fender for your Ram, you can do the procedures by yourself. Follow these tips to make your installation process more convenient:

    Tip #1: Remove your old fender by detaching first mounting hardware.

    Before you can install the new fender, you need to detach the old one first. While doing this, you may have to remove your front bumper and headlights as well. Make sure that all the bolts and retainers attached on your old fender will be removed. For this matter, you need to work under your hood, so you can have greater access to all fender retainers. Make sure that you do not miss out even a single one. Once you have removed your old fender, keep all the hardware in one area or container. You can use them again for the new one if they are still in good condition.

    Tip #2: Be sure that your fender has the exact measurement for your vehicle.

    You must make sure that your new fender is of exact fit for your vehicle. Check if it fits along the hood rails, which are located around the hood once it is closed. Make the necessary adjustments to the hood rails and your fender before securing it into place.

    Tip #3: Drill holes for the bolts of your fender if necessary.

    To install your fender precisely, place it on the side of your vehicle, and if drilling is necessary, draw marks for drilling holes of your fender's support bolts. The marks must be on the same location of your hood rails' bolts. Once you are done marking, drill holes at least one-fourth inch in size, and then you can attach your fender afterwards. You must reinstall all the components that you removed when you get finished.