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Dodge Ram 2500 Fog Light Kit

Common Causes of Dodge Ram 2500 Fog Light Kit Problems

Fog lights are pretty darn useful. They allow you to traverse the highways even through the thickest fog, making your journey much more manageable. Unfortunately, they are vulnerable to some road elements that will leave them barely functioning. If you can diagnose them correctly, fixing the problem could be much easier. Here are some of the usual Dodge Ram 2500 fog light kit problems and the culprits behind them:

No power to the fog lights

If no power is going to all of the fog lights, the fuse must have burned out or the relay could be malfunctioning. Open up the fuse box of the Dodge Ram and look for the appropriate fuse. If there is no more connection between the wires within or if they look blackened, replace it to solve your problem. If that doesn't work, try replacing the relay.

Dim and unclear lights

Check out the lens of your fog light. It could be dirty, or there could be some moisture inside. To clean out the dirt, you may need to disassemble the fog light to be able to clean all of the components thoroughly. If there's internal moisture, the seal of the housing may have been broken. The fog light needs to be taken apart and allowed to dry. After putting things back together, apply the sealant on the right areas. For an older fog light lens, you could try polishing it with some chemicals or sandpaper. White toothpaste is also a good alternative for polishing the lenses.

One of the lights have gone out

Faulty electrical wirings or burned-out bulbs could cause fog light problems. Check the wires and the electrical connections going to that particular fog light. If they are loose, just tighten them as necessary; damaged wires should be replaced. Take a look at the bulb; if it looks burned out, then you have to replace it.

Dim fog lights grow brighter when the engine is revved

You might have a problem with the alternator and the charging system. Use a voltmeter to check the charging voltage of the Dodge Ram, which should be about 13.5 to 14.5. Lower readings mean that your alternator is going bad or that there is a problem with the alternator drive belt.

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  • Some Simple Dodge Ram 2500 Fog Light Kit Maintenance Tips to Remember

    Fog lights are a godsend to those who have to drive to work through thick clouds of fog every morning. Faulty automotive lights could mean awful visibility when driving. You should always keep the lights in top condition to ensure that they will work perfectly during the foggiest days. Here are some Dodge Ram 2500 fog light kit maintenance tips you should know:

    Inspect the fog lights before heading out.

    If you live in an area known for frequent and heavy fog, be sure to inspect your fog lights before driving. This will help ensure that your fog lights are working properly. Turn on the fog lights and check if their brightness is appropriate. Inspect the lens for any dirt, moisture, or signs of dullness. Carefully check the electrical connections, making sure that they are tight and the wires are undamaged.

    Clean and polish dirty and dull fog lights.

    Dirt buildup and increasing dullness of the fog lights lens can seriously affect the amount of light given off. That is why it is necessary to have them cleaned and polished. Brushing the light kit with a mix of warm water and some mild detergent will remove most of the dirt from the lens; a lens cleaner can be used as well. For dirt inside of the fog lights, you will have to disassemble the unit to be able to clean off the dirt. For polishing dull fog lights, there are various lens treatment products out there that can do the job.

    Replace burned out bulbs immediately.

    Fog lights won't be much use to you if only one of them is working. Be sure to replace the bulbs as soon as one of them burns out. Having some extra bulbs with you will be extremely helpful in this case.

    Alternative maintenance solutions

    Polish the headlights with toothpaste.

    Toothpaste is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to polish the headlights. Regular white-colored toothpaste will work best in this case. Just brush the toothpaste onto the surface of the fog light lens and then wash the whole thing off.