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Dodge Ram 2500 Headlights

Reasons behind Faulty Dodge Ram 2500 Headlights

A pickup truck like your Dodge Ram 2500 needs a tough set of headlights since it is built to drive on rough terrain. But since the headlights are located at the front of your auto, they will likely be the first to show signs of wear. If you think they are already damaged, you'd better step do some troubleshooting to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape. Listed below are just some of the common reasons behind Dodge Ram 2500 headlight problems.

One of the headlights is not working

If one of the headlights is not working, the most probable cause of failure is a burnt out bulb. You can easily tell if one of the bulbs is burnt by replacing it with a new one. If the replacement works, then the stock part has already exceeded its service life. Most standard halogen bulbs can last around five years or about 50,000 miles, depending on frequency of use or how often cleaning and maintenance is performed. If your Dodge Ram 2500 headlights are already nearing five years or 50,000 miles, better brace yourself for an impending headlight bulb replacement.

Both headlights fail at the same time.

Two headlights that fail at the same time usually indicate a defect in the auto's fuse box. To check, simply locate the fuse box of your auto with the help of your car manual and inspect for signs of damage. The fuse box is often located in the power center of the engine compartment or in the fuse panel under the dashboard.

Dimming headlight power

If the headlights dim when using multiple electrical systems in your Dodge Ram 2500, then this can be a sign of a weak battery or a defective alternator. Simply visit your auto supply store for a voltmeter and check the battery if power is flowing efficiently. If it's not, you might need to replace the alternator or the car battery.

Foggy headlights

A cloudy headlight is a result of trapped moisture. To find out if this is the problem of your headlight, inspect the lenses for signs of damage like cracking and weathering. You see, moisture can lead to dirt build up, which will eventually cause dimming. To avoid experiencing this problem, find a replacement immediately after you diagnose your damaged headlight lenses.

Other troubleshooting reminders

Always keep in mind to wear gloves or to hold the bulbs from their plastic base to avoid oil contamination. You see, oil can cause the bulbs to burn out prematurely, which will definitely cost you some money.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Dodge Ram 2500 Headlights in Optimum Condition

    Your Dodge Ram 2500 headlights may be crafted tough and resilient to external elements, but they still need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid premature wear. You see, since these headlights are placed at the front of the vehicle, they are more exposed to dirt, debris, and damage. Soon, they may get dull and scratched, giving your pickup truck an ugly look. So to make sure that the headlights are in their optimum condition, follow these easy maintenance tips:

    Restore the headlights' original luster with toothpaste.

    Toothpaste is a cheap but proven alternative for cleaning the headlights. Unlike most auto cleaners that are made from damaging chemicals, toothpaste is a gentle but effective substitute to wipe dirt and grime off. Simply apply one on a dry cloth and wipe in circular motions for optimum results. After that, do not forget to rinse it well with water. To make sure that it is completely removed, you can also wipe your headlights using a wet cloth. Let it dry for a couple of hours to restore the pickup's original luster.

    Clean the headlights' interior.

    Cleaning the interior of the headlights might prove a little difficult because you have to do so while the cover is still attached to your Dodge Ram. You will have to wrap a cloth dipped in a mixture of baking soda, warm water, and drops of dish soap around a screwdriver, which you will then stick through the bulb hole. Before putting back the bulbs, make sure to let the inside dry first. You may also wrap a dry cloth around the screwdriver to dry up the inside, especially if the interior is really wet.

    Use a buffer compound to eliminate scratches and discoloration.

    Simply place a buffer attachment to a standard drill and put in a pint-size of headlight cleaner to the buffer pad. Spend around two minutes buffing so that no signs of scratches are left untouched. Also, do not forget to wipe off the solution with a microfiber cloth.

    Other cleaning reminders

    To prevent causing premature headlight wear, remember to always wear gloves when performing cleaning and maintenance, especially if the bulbs are exposed. You see, the oil from your skin might react to the bulbs and cause them to wear earlier than their service life.