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Dodge Ram 2500 Nerf Bars

A Few Tips in Maintaining the Appearance and Functionality of Your Dodge Ram 2500 Nerf Bars

Your Dodge Ram is more than just an investment. It could be your best travel buddy, alleviating your fears in traversing the road less travelled. It could be a workhorse, helping you transport your heavy cargos without any hesitation. Sometimes, it becomes a warrior, too, braving even the most difficult terrains just to give you an exhilarating off-road experience. Since your Dodge Ram seems really beneficial to you, it is just right that you treat it like a family, providing it with its much-deserved maintenance and attention.

Caring for your truck shouldn't be limited to its mechanical and performance parts. Even add-ons like the Dodge Ram 2500 nerf bars deserve your TLC, too. Here are some ways to show how much you care for your truck and your nerf bars, specifically:

  • Deal with any sign of damage right away.

Since the nerf bars are usually stepped on and they are positioned at the bottom of the vehicle, it isn't a wonder if one day you'll just find them having dents, scratches, and paint chips. If the damage has affected the bar's finish and exposed some metal parts, make sure to deal with it as soon as you can to prevent rust from forming. You can touch up the paint to conceal the metal parts where rust can start to build up. In case rust is already forming on the nerf bar's surface, you can lightly sand it up before doing necessary touch up.

  • Clean the nerf bars especially after a hard-core off-roading.

The recent off-road trip you've just been in or the heavy-duty towing task you've recently accomplished could have inflicted damage onto the nerf bars especially if you've passed through potholes. So after such activities, it pays to wash your truck or at least hose off the mud and filth to prevent them from caking up. While washing the nerf bars, pay attention to the stepping pads as there might be dirt trapped in their rigged surface. Make sure also to clean the underside of the bars because that's where rust is more likely to form. Visually inspect your nerf bars after washing them.

  • Restore the luster of your stainless steel nerf bars.

You can bring back the luster of your nerf bars and make them look like new again by polishing them. The polish will also provide the bars with another layer of protection against harmful elements.

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  • Dodge Ram 2500 Nerf Bars Installation: Some Tips to Keep in Mind

    If you're thinking of an accessory to outfit your Ram truck with, go for one that doesn't only enhance the vehicle's aesthetic but also offers practical benefits. It goes without saying that you should go for a set of Dodge Ram 2500 nerf bars. These add-ons will offer the extra step you need to get in and out of your truck without so much effort. In some ways, the nerf bars also ward off road debris, preventing them from directly hitting the doors and side body panels. With all their benefits, you shouldn't think twice in outfitting your Ram with a set of nerf bars.

    If you're doing the installation all by yourself, here are some tips to keep in mind:

    Tip #1: Inspect the nerf bars for shipping damage and verify the hardware.

    This is especially true for those who have purchased their nerf bars online. As soon as your order is delivered at your doorstep, take it out of the box and check it for signs of shipping damage. Also verify the number of hardware needed to have it installed with the ones that are shipped to you. By so doing, you'll know right away if there's any problem and if you need to send it back to the merchant for replacement.

    Tip #2: Walk through the installation process.

    Days before your scheduled nerf bar installation, familiarize yourself with the entire installation process for you to determine if you're apt for the task or not. By doing this, you can also gauge the number of hours that you should allocate for the task. You will also know if you already have all the tools you need to pull it off.

    Tip #3: Test-fit the nerf bars to determine if there's still a need to make mounting holes.

    It is wise to test-fit your new nerf bars to your Dodge Ram 2500 before the installation. This will help you determine if your truck comes with complete pre-drilled holes or if you still need to make more mounting holes. If there's a need for you to drill holes, you must exercise caution when doing so. Make sure to wear proper eyewear and gloves. By test-fitting the nerf bars, you can also mark their exact position and location and use your marks as reference, so you won't go wrong come installation time.