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Dodge Ram 2500 Tailgate Handle

Indicators of a Faulty Dodge Ram 2500 Tailgate Handle

For any pickup truck, security of the bed is very important. You load important luggage into your bed and trust your tailgate to keep it secured while you are driving. Your tailgate handle helps by locking and unlocking your tailgate to make sure easy access on your belongings loaded to the bed. However, your tailgate handle is prone to wearing over time. So before things get worse, you should know when your Dodge Ram 2500 tailgate handle is beginning to go bad.

Difficult opening

A common issue with your tailgate handle is when it becomes difficult to open. This is caused by the tension inside the latch mechanism of the tailgate. A common solution to the problem is by pushing the handle upward against the tailgate while you are lifting it. If you want a better fix, you may check the latch mechanism and lubricate it to release any tension. Cutting one of the latch rods would also be a better option for fixing the problem.

Tailgate does not open

If the tailgate does not open at all despite lifting your tailgate handle really hard, you might be having an issue with your latch mechanism which is found inside your tailgate handle. With this, you need to remove the handle cover and check the latch mechanism for worn internal links. The link that usually wears out is the attachment that connects the latch to your tailgate handle.

Grinding noise

When you are hearing a grinding noise while lifting your Dodge Ram 2500 tailgate handle, the actual handle mechanism is corroded or dirty. The grinding noise is produced when there is increased friction among the handle components. What you can do is open the handle and check for dirt or dust buildup. Once you see one, remove it immediately. You may also apply lubricating oil to ensure smooth connections among the links.

Loose tailgate handle

One of these days, you might notice that your tailgate handle is becoming loose. This is a problem with easy explanation and fix. One of the retaining clips that hold the handle in place may be broken. Unfortunately, the clip is too small to be glued back into the tailgate handle, so this problem can only be fixed through replacement.

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  • Making Sure Your Dodge Ram 2500 Tailgate Handle Lasts

    The opening and closing of your tailgate are very crucial functions in your pickup truck. These operations rely on your tailgate handle which contains the mechanisms that open and lock the tailgate into position. Damage in the handle may entail easy or difficult access to your truck bed. You would not want any of those, so you should take good care of your tailgate handle and make sure it is always in good condition. Following are some easy tips that you should get used to:

    Clean your tailgate handle and latch mechanism from time to time.

    Dirt and dust can cause the different parts of the handle and latch to get stuck and corrode. With this, you need to make sure that these components are free of these damaging elements. Disassembling the handle and cleaning it from time to time would extend its service life. Bathroom foaming cleaner would be enough to remove dirt and dust buildups.

    Make it a habit to lubricate your tailgate handle.

    Smooth connection is the key to ensuring easy operation of your tailgate handle. You can do this by lubricating the latch and handle with the proper lubricants. However, the two components require different lubricating products because of their materials. The latch is lubricated better with lubricating oil while the handle mechanism works well with graphite lubricant.

    Use Dodge Ram 2500 tailgate handle cover.

    Sunlight and heat can damage your tailgate handle. With this, you need to provide an extra layer of protection for this part to last longer. Available online are chrome tailgate handle covers that are made of ABS plastic or stainless steel. These covers protect the handle from heat and other contaminants. More so, their chrome finishes add style to your tailgate. Each of these handle covers costs $20.

    Often spray fluid film on the whole tailgate.

    One of your tailgate's main enemies is rust. Most of the time, rust comes unnoticed because it starts from the inside of your tailgate panel. Apparently, the rust travels and gets bigger, affecting the latch mechanism and your tailgate handle over time. With this, you need to make sure your whole tailgate is protected from rust. This can be done by spraying fluid film every so often.