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Dodge Ram 2500 Tonneau Cover

Steps to Ensure a Longer Dodge Ram 2500 Tonneau Cover Life

The Dodge Ram 2500 is a very capable Chrysler truck meant for both work and fun. You have a nice powerful engine capable of delivering all the power you need for a lot of activities. Then you have the awesome styling that captures the true character of the Ram. There also goes the height, suspension, bed, and interior comfort. But having a pick-up truck has its cons too. For one, you can't enjoy the privileges of the bare bed that much if it is raining or snowing. Your stuff can end up getting wet if you just leave them there. Fortunately, there are aftermarket accessories like the Dodge Ram 2500 tonneau cover. It can come in different formats such as folding, rolling, and hinged. But all of these models have one goal: to protect the contents of your truck bed from the elements. Here are a few steps to ensure that your tonneau cover have a longer life in service.

  • Water down your tonneau cover every so often to avoid collecting dust.

Since the tonneau cover is now part of the exterior panels for your truck, you should also treat it the way you treat your stock panels. This includes watering down the tonneau cover to remove dirt build-up on its surface. The pressure from your water hose should be able to push away the some particles from their places. This can even work by itself if the amount of dirt has not escalated too much yet. If not, it should prepare the surface for the car shampoo and some good scrubbing.

  • Treat the tonneau cover with car shampoo and gently scrub its surface.

Once you have been able to rinse the cover with water, you can further clean it with your trusted car shampoo and wash mitt. Prepare by mixing the car shampoo with the right amount of water in a pale. Soak the wash mitt in the mixture before applying it to the cover using gentle scrubs. Do so thoroughly to cover the entire surface of the panel. After that, you can rinse the suds with clean water.

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  • The Basics: Installing a Dodge Ram 2500 Tonneau Cover

    Weather has always been a factor whenever you transport your stuff in the bed of your pick-up truck. This kind of vehicles is designed to carry loads that are much bigger in terms of dimensions. Therefore, you are left with an open truck bed. That works both as an advantage and disadvantage. You can load different equipment and other cargo with convenience. However, you risk getting them wet when the weather decides not to cooperate with you. Moreover, you also expose your stuff to hot hands that might take advantage of an uncovered load. This is why there are truck owners who invest in aftermarket accessories like the Dodge Ram 2500 tonneau cover. This panel encloses the truck bed area to protect the contents and cargo that you place there. Having one for your truck can actually be a good idea. Even better, you can buy one and mount it yourself. If you are leaning to do just that, here are some of the basics when you are installing the tonneau cover.

    Tip #1: What kind of tonneau cover should you get for the activities with your truck?

    One of the first things to consider when you are picking out a tonneau cover for your Dodge Ram is the kind of activities that you engage in with your truck. Since there are different types of covers, you should narrow down your selection to those that would best suit your functions. From there, you can work around other necessary details for your cover.

    Tip #2: Measure the dimensions of your truck bed and look for the covers that will match it.

    The next thing you have to factor in during your installation is the size of your truck bed. For this, you will have to take careful measurements of the dimensions of that area. Note them and compare it to the available selection. The goal here is to get the cover with the right size for your truck. This means there will be very minimal gaps — good for safekeeping and protecting your cargo.

    Tip #3: A test mount is in order before you install the cover.

    Once you get your cover, you should do a test mount. This will enable you to take assess the modifications (or the lack of it) needed in your truck.