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Dodge Ram 2500 Window Visor

Tips to Follow on Dodge Ram 2500 Window Visor Maintenance

The window visors are usually not included in the maintenance checklist for the Dodge Ram 2500, but these accessories do need a bit of love from time to time. Just like any part of your Dodge, the window visors are not exempt from wear and damage caused by the elements, so a bit of maintenance every now and then should help keep these investments in your truck as vibrant as they were on the day you first bought them from the store. To help you out, here are some tips on how to maintain the Dodge Ram 2500 window visor:

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals in cleaning the visor.

Window visors usually have a clear protective coating that protects it against scratches and UV exposure, but harsh chemicals such as ammonia can strip it off. Wiping the window visor with a damp cloth should remove dust that has settled onto the surface, but if the visor is particularly dirtied with dirt or bug stains you can wash it off with mild soap. In addition, it is also not advisable to use a sponge or a brush to wash the visor, as these can leave noticeable scratches on the surface.

  • Polish opaque or painted visors with wax.

If your window visor has an opaque or painted finish, it is recommended to polish the surface with wax as well after every wash. The visor can enjoy several benefits by having a coating of wax, including better protection against fading caused by sun exposure, minimizing the appearance of scratches, and giving the visor a more vibrant appearance overall.

  • Don't lean on or put any weight on the visors.

It's easy to forget that window visors are comprised of a single thin strip of plastic. And by putting a considerable amount of weight on them, the visor will inevitably crack from the strain.

  • Take note of any loose parts.

The window visors are designed to fit snugly on or inside the car window frame, so there is definitely something wrong if it becomes loose along its length. Check the fit of the visor and adjust accordingly. If the visor has an adhesive, check if the tape is still sticky to the touch and replace it if necessary.

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  • Tips for a Successful Dodge Ram 2500 Window Visor Installation

    The window visor is just one of the many accessories you can have for the Dodge Ram 2500, but it's more than just an eye candy. Meant to either be slotted into the window channels or attached to the window frame using adhesive tape, the window visors effectively keep wind, rain, and flying insects at bay. These accessories are also available as a kit, making it easy even for beginners to install on their vehicle. If you are thinking of mounting a Dodge Ram 2500 window visor set of your ride, here are some tips that might prove helpful:

    Tip #1: Clean the windows.

    Prior to installation, it is recommended to wash the car window frame and channels first. This is especially important if the visor is secured with adhesive backing, as the tape will need a surface that's free of dust and car wax in order to stick properly. You can start by washing the frame with a mild detergent and warm water, followed by a quick wipe with a piece of cloth dipped in alcohol to remove any remove wax residue. Some Dodge Ram 2500 window visor kits come with a packet of alcohol swabs just for this purpose.

    Tip #2: Lower the windows halfway.

    You'll have an easier time mounting the visors this way, as the edge of the left side of the window glass will help keep the visor up while you adjust its position in the window frame. As a rule of thumb, the edge of the window visor should normally rest on top of the outer window sill.

    Tip #3: Always double check the position of the visor.

    Verify if the visor is at the correct side of the vehicle before mounting it into place. Most visors usually have an indicator, so you'll know what side they're supposed to be mounted on, although you can also refer to the manual that's included in the kit. Also, if the visor is designed to be slotted into the channel of the window frame, make sure that the only the part that's inserted is the thin, machine flange along the edge of the visor.