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Dodge Ram 3500 Parts and Dodge Ram 3500 Accessories

Six Interesting Facts About the Dodge Ram 3500

  • Ever wondered about why the Dodge Ram is named as such? Avard T. Fairbanks, the designer, was the one who made the proposal. When asked by Chrysler, he responded, "It is sure-footed; it's the King of the Trail; it will not be challenged by anything. And if you were on the trail and saw that ram charging down on you, what would you think? Dodge!"

  • The Dodge Ram 3500 trim line appeared during the Ram's second generation. This was the time where the model was heavily redesigned to make it look more like a big rig truck than a pickup. This facelift greatly helped the sales of the vehicle, with around 100,000 units on its first year and steadily grew on an annual basis.

  • The Dodge Ram is classified as a "dually truck," meaning it has two rear tires on each side. Those two additional tires give out increased power and could carry around a ton. This makes the vehicle very capable of towing very heavy loads. This kind of truck usually hauls a racecar or a fifth-wheel Coachman with ease even up on a hill.

  • A great selling point among truck enthusiasts was the engine, and the Dodge Ram 3500 had just that. In 1994 it introduced the 8.0L V10 engine, which produced superior pulling power without the need of a diesel engine. This made the model a go-to vehicle for heavy-duty work and performance.

  • Though big in power, the Dodge Ram 3500 doesn't skimp on technological advancements. The 2013 model is built with Chrysler's very own Uconnect system. It is an interactive touchscreen display that gives you access to you phone, radio, and media players all in a touch of a button. It is also voice-activated, providing you with luxury even when doing industrial-sized workloads.

  • When competitors adopted the Ram's "big rig" look, Dodge decided to kick it up a notch with their third generation model, which was released in 2002. In addition to the new frame, suspension, and powertrain, it also had a bigger grille, as well as special models that made it a prized vehicle amongst car enthusiasts.

Dodge Ram 3500 Articles

  • Dodge Ram 3500 Problems

    Designed with big rig trucks in mind, the Dodge Ram 3500 pickup was sold as a luxury vehicle that can handle heavy-duty applications very well. In fact, its latest incarnation features some of Chrysler's latest technologies. These include the Uconnect system and the Sprint-powered wireless system, as well as a better HVAC and multimedia control panel. Because of these features, buyers are geared into getting this vehicle as their pickup. Remember, however, that there are some common problems that this vehicle has. So take note of some of these issues and be prepared.


    Some of the common problems involved the engine, the most prominent being the 6.7L Cummins diesel. The engine failures were caused by an unusually high level of soot being produced, which resulted in exhaust gas recirculation valve, diesel particulate filter, and turbocharger damage. This in turn affected emission levels, which were too high and greatly affected the environment.

    Over 186,000 Dodge Rams were recalled in 2010 to fix the engine control module.


    Another common concern for Dodge Ram 3500 owners was the handling, particularly the steering and braking aspects. In 2011, a recall of around 242,000 Dodge Ram 3500 pickups occurred due to the left tie rod ball stud. On certain trucks, it fractured when making low-speed sharp turns, causing the loss of steering on the left front wheel.

    As for the braking problem, a recall was made in 2010 involving 76,000 vehicles. The issue was that some diesel models with the hydroboost system have excessive vent pressure levels. This made the brake pedals slow to return, as well as brake light responding slowly. The power steering reservoir cap, which was the main source of the problem, was replaced.


    Lastly, the headlights of the Dodge Ram 3500 had issues regarding the lack of amber side reflectors. With these missing, the truck becomes poorly illuminated, which makes other vehicles incorrectly guess the width of the pickup, which could then easily cause a crash. This also fails the Federal motor Vehicle safety Standard no. 108, "Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment."

    In response to this, 292,000 Dodge Ram 3500 units were recalled to replace the faulty headlamps.