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Dodge RAM 3500 VAN Parts and Dodge RAM 3500 VAN Accessories

When the Dodge Ram 3500 van came out in 1995, few then knew what to make of it. Sure, Dodge was known for its trucksthe company made some really great pickup trucksbut vans seemed to be a different matter altogether. After all, the 3500 replaced the B350 which was a ton, by weight. That's not so bad, until you realized that all of that weight goes towards making the whole thing go much slower! At a more manageable half-a-ton, the 3500 was a more widely accepted van. In fact, the weight-to-power ratio of the whole thing was enough to give it a perfect balance of heft and speed.

The Dodge Ram 3500 van is so well-known and accepted that it was featured prominently in many Hollywood action moviesall tough and non-descript! All that aside, however, the amazing utility of the 3500 is nothing to scoff atmany global parcel delivery companies utilize this as their reliable workhorse. Though the last Dodge Ram 3500 van was released in 2003, its specifications are still very competitive with many of the newer vans out today. In fact, few other vans out now are capable of matching its reliability and durabilityit's simply that well-made.

Another thing that wowed potential buyers is the 3500's affordability. True, it accomplished this by offering a lot of conveniences as options instead of standards. But that, coupled with a lot of custom packages available with a number of different businesses and services in mind, gives you a van that is certain to keep running long after it stops being produced in the Dodge factories. Of course, while customization is all good, the fact remains that every vehicle will inevitably have parts that will wear out over time. Again, the Dodge Ram 3500 van proves its worth in the number of companies it has inspired to churn out some of the finest quality parts and accessories on the market today.