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Dodge Ram 3500 Bumper

Three Tips to Remember in Cleaning and Refurbishing Your Dodge Ram 3500 Bumper

Your Dodge Ram 3500 bumper is designed to lessen the damage brought by minor or low-speed impacts in your ride. In addition, it is made to protect other vital parts such as the hood, trunk, and the lighting system. Because of its essential function, your bumper needs to be maintained at all times. This exterior part can be prone to damages, so you should know how to clean and refurbish it to avoid such situation. Here are some cleaning and restoration tips that may help you:

  • Use the appropriate cleaning materials.

You can use a mild car soap mixed with clean water for washing your bumper. Scrub the surface of your bumper with the mixture by using a soft bristle brush, and remove all the dirt particles thoroughly. You may also use undiluted white vinegar for dirt removal. This is proven effective as a cleaning agent against tough stains and visible spots. You can apply a vinyl cleaning gel on a soft cloth and rub it on the affected spot. This cleaning agent is proven to be safe and effective on car parts that are made from vinyl and plastic.

  • Use lacquer thinner for paint stain removal.

Make use of a lacquer thinner to remove paint stains on your bumper. This substance is used to eliminate and dissolve thick materials that accumulated on the surface. To spread the lacquer thinner, use a paint brush. You can repeat the procedure until the stains are not visible anymore. Make sure that you apply light strokes instead of heavy strokes at once, so you can avoid visible thick strokes to build up on your bumper.

  • Use the appropriate products that can restore the look or color of your bumper.

To refurbish the look of your bumper, you may use car products that are aimed towards color restoration. Some products also feature an anti-UV property, which can also be beneficial for your bumper. Make sure that your bumper is dry before you apply the products, and make use of a soft cloth or polishing pad to spread them out evenly. If your bumper is unpainted, you must use a restoration product that is solely intended for refurbishing unpainted surfaces.

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  • Tips for a Successful Installation of Your Dodge Ram 3500 Bumper

    Your Dodge Ram 3500 is a heavy duty pickup vehicle that can give you a thrilling driving experience, whether it be off-road or not. Because of its exposure to different road elements that may cause damage, your bumper needs superior protection. Luckily, your bumper is up for the job. It is fitted in the front and rear areas of your vehicle to serve as its first line of defense against the impacts of minor collision. If your stock bumper has been damaged in a road mishap, you can do the installation process without paying a mechanic. Here are some tips that can surely help you:

    Tip #1: Remove all necessary hardware completely.

    You must remove the fasteners and all the other components from your old bumper before proceeding to the installation of the new one. You also need to take away all the surrounding areas that may be affected or may hinder your new bumper from being installed. These components may include fog lights and customized lights near your bumper. You must also carefully remove all the fasteners that secure the old bumper in place for an easier removal. The hardware that came with your old bumper may be reused, provided that they are still in good condition.

    Tip #2: Test fit your new bumper before installing it.

    Place your new bumper over the body of your vehicle to see if it fits. Make sure that your bumper aligns or is adjacent with other parts such as the fender. Also, ensure that the pre-drilled holes of your bumper are aligned with the holes of your body panels in order to attach the brackets or fasteners properly. Keep in mind that your new bumper must have the same hole location and size with that of your old one before attaching it securely. If not, you may drill holes in the body panels where your bumper will fit perfectly.

    Tip #3: Elevate your vehicle to make the installation easier.

    It is better to have your vehicle elevated when installing your bumper, so you can have greater access even to surrounding areas underneath. Before securing your new bumper into place, make sure that all its fasteners and necessary components are attached firmly. You may apply a little pressure to ensure that your bumper is installed steadily, so you can ensure that it will not be loose.