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Dodge Ram 3500 Dash Cover

How to Take Care of Your Dodge Ram 3500 Dash Cover

Auto manufacturers have started adapting dashboards that are made of plastic panels for quite some time now. It allows faster manufacturing, easier molding, and more design variations. But the material is more prone to cracking, discoloration, and warping if taken for granted. With a Dodge Ram 3500 in your garage, there is a good chance that you are a little adventurous with your work and lifestyle. While leaving your truck's dashboard bare is ok, you might want to consider putting a Dodge Ram 3500 dash cover. Not only does it provide protection for the surface of your dashboard, it also adds a little spice and color variation to your cockpit. But having it will also require you to put some extra attention to improve its lifespan. We are giving you some tips on how to take care of your Dodge Ram 3500 dash cover. Here we go.

  • Dust and vacuum your dash cover at least once a week.

Sooner or later, you will have to keep the dust level in check. Not only will it look untidy, but it will also cause allergic reactions to you and your passengers. It can also turn bad when these particles react with moisture. In some cases, a combination of dust and moisture can leave stains on your dash cover material once it dries up. To avoid these things from happening, you should dust and vacuum your dash cover at least once a week. This eliminates the unwanted build-up on the surface of your dash cover.

  • Regularly check the adhesives that attach the cover to your dash for integrity.

Your dash cover is held by adhesive tapes or Velcro tabs attached from its underside. To ensure that your cover will remain intact for a good period of time, you have to regularly check the mounting adhesives that hold the cover and dashboard together. Weakened adhesives can cause wrinkles and moving dash covers. This can be a distraction when driving and even an eye sore.

  • Apply the recommended cleaning products.

It would be best to use recommended products when you are getting rid of stains and dirt spots. The suitable solution will be able to clean the material without causing harmful reactions.

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  • When and How to Replace the Dodge Ram 3500 Dash Cover

    Driving your Dodge truck can be quite a treat and a handful at the same time. While handling the massive American truck, you have the benefit of monitoring its vital signs from its huge dash board. But over time and continuous use, there is a tendency that the dash board material will fade, crack, and warp. To prevent this from prematurely happening, truck owners began investing in the Dodge Ram 3500 dash cover. Not only does it provide protection for your panel, it also stylistically improves your truck's interior. Now that we have established that, let's explore the installation and replacement aspect of this accessory. Here are some tips on when and how to replace your Dodge Ram 3500 dash cover.

    Tip #1: Look for signs of wear and tear on your dash cover.

    The main purpose of the dash cover is to protect your dashboard from elements, UV rays, and sharp objects. Over time, your dash cover will wear out because of its continuous exposure to the elements. While it may last a few years or more, you should keep an eye for any signs of fading, thinning out, warping, and wrinkles. When these signs become apparent, you should already consider changing your old wrap for a new one.

    Tip #2: Check and clean the adhesive residue left when you remove the old dash cover.

    The adhesive tape is an effective material that glues the dash cover and dashboard together. However, prolonged attachment to the surface sometimes leaves residue that marks the previous mounting points. These marks can be eliminated from your dashboard's surface. However, you should be persistent enough to scrub it out without scratching its surface. It is going to be a challenge but the right cloth, solution, and pressure can do the trick. Don't forget to polish it off with a vinyl protector after.

    Tip #3: Get the right dash cover for your truck.

    Getting the right dash cover for your truck means the following: picking the right color to match the swatches in the interior, using the right material that would last despite your demands, and finding the right fit for your dashboard.