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Dodge Ram 3500 Door Handle

Common Dodge Ram 3500 Door Handle Problems and Their Causes

Have you ever experienced entering your Dodge Ram 3500 through the windows? What a crazy idea, right? But that could actually happen if your vehicle's door handles are defective or broken. Although your Dodge truck is equipped with robust door handles to match its tough exterior body, the door handles' very demanding job still makes them prone to wear and tear. Here are the top signs of a bad Dodge Ram 3500 door handle and the usual reasons behind them:

Physical damage

It doesn't matter whether the door handle is made from plastic or steel, or if it is located inside or outside the vehicle. All of them, especially the Dodge Ram 3500 door handle, are prone to physical damage, which eventually renders them useless. High-intensity impacts, old age, and excessive use are the most common causes of door handle failure. A steel-made door handle is not susceptible to breakage, but it is very much prone to oxidation and corrosion. Although these cannot really cause the handle to break, they can still alter the door handle's operations by damaging its mechanical components. A plastic door handle, on the other hand, is highly resistant to rust buildup. The bad news is that it can easily be broken, and when this happens, replacement is the only option.

Loose screws

There are some instances when a door handle does not really break or develop cracks. Instead, its screws just become loose over time. In this case, you just need to re-tighten the screws to secure the door the handle back in place. You may also want to examine the door handle's mounting bolts if they are already covered with rust. If that's the case, you must buy a new set of screws for your Dodge Ram 3500 door handle to prevent further damage and other problems.

Latch malfunction

Your Dodge Ram 3500's door latch is one of the most important components of your vehicle's door assembly. It is the one responsible for making your vehicle's door open and close. When the door latch goes bad, your Dodge Ram 3500's door handle is greatly affected. A defective latch often causes the door to get stuck. Because of this, you will need to exert more force on the door handle just to make the latch release the lever and eventually open the car door. This often results in a broken door handle. To prevent this from happening, you must keep your Dodge Ram 3500's door latches lubricated, especially during winter. Greasing the door latch and the rest of the door handle assembly will not only keep the door from being stuck, but it will also prevent the annoying squeaking sound that is usually produced by an aging door latch.

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  • Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Dodge Ram 3500 Door Handle

    Can you imagine your Dodge Ram 3500 truck without its door handles? To get into the driver seat, you will have to dive in and push yourself through the window until your whole body enters the cabin. Then, you will have to twist and turn within the small space just so you can finally sit properly and comfortably on your seat. Frustrating, right? This horrible scenario will be your daily routine if you will not take good care of your Dodge Ram 3500 door handle. To avoid all these hassles, just remember these easy care tips:

    Be extra careful in handling the door handle.

    Probably the best way to keep your Dodge Ram 3500 door handle in excellent condition is by handling it with care at all times. Usually, a door handle breaks or develops cracks when the vehicle owner uses too much force everytime he opens and closes his car door. Pulling the door handle forcefully is not really necessary since Dodge Ram models are built with doors that are very easy to access. In fact, even the slightest upward pull on the handle can already open the truck's door. In addition, being a responsible and careful driver can also prolong the service life of your Dodge Ram 3500 door handle. Driving cautiously will help you avoid road accidents that can smash your door handles to pieces.

    Clean and polish the door handle.

    A well-maintained door handle is always clean and shiny. This means that aside from washing your truck's interior and exterior door handles with soap and water, you also need to polish them using the appropriate waxing agent, which is compatible with the handles' material composition. Doing this will not only keep the handles shiny, but it will also improve their protection against rust and corrosion.

    Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate.

    Your Dodge Ram 3500 door handle has mechanical parts that work together in providing you with easy access to your truck's cabin. To be able to operate properly and to prevent rust accumulation, these parts require regular lubrication. Ideally, they need to be greased at least every three months. However, for Dodge Ram owners who live in areas with colder climates, it is advisable to lubricate the door handle's mechanical components every six weeks to avoid freezing.

    Repaint and personalize your door handle.

    If the scratches on your Dodge Ram 3500 door handle can no longer be covered by waxing or polishing, you also have the option to repaint it. Whether your car door handle is steel or plastic, repainting it will surely enhance its durability and aesthetic value. You can even match the color of the door handle to your truck's body paint.