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Dodge Ram 3500 Fender Flares

Tips in Cleaning and Maintaining Painted and Unpainted Dodge Ram 3500 Fender Flares

When you return home all caked up with mud after a serious off-roading, among the components of your Dodge Ram that usually get filthy inside and out are the fender flares. The way these add-ons are attached to the vehicle make them prone to unexpected damage, as you won't always see what lies on the underside of the flares.

Compared to other auto body panels, the flares are a tad different to clean. If you fail to wash them properly, your Dodge Ram 3500 fender flares can easily lose their factory finish. When that happens, cleaning may not be enough and conditioning may be necessary. If you want to save yourself some headache, thorough cleaning could really go a long way in extending the lifespan of the fender flares.

Cleaning tips for painted fender flares

  • Use the right kind of cleaner.

Determine first the material of the fender flares installed in your ride and make sure you use cleaners and conditioners that are designed specifically for such material. It is also wise if you use brands of cleaners that have been proven to work well on fender flares without causing extreme side effects.

  • Apply conditioner and other protective solutions.

Sometimes, cleaning the fender flares is not enough, what with the harsh environments you usually drive your Dodge Ram 3500 in. Mild soap and water may be enough to keep the flares clean but if you really want to use a cleaning solution, be sure to apply a specific cleaning product. By applying conditioner, you won't just keep your fender flares looking like new, but you can also achieve more mileage out of your four fender flares.

Cleaning tips for unpainted fender flares

  • Strictly follow the directions in your cleaning supplies

Gather all your cleaning supplies and carefully read all the directions and warning. Use only those products that are safe to use on rubber and plastic.

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning products

If possible, stay away from wax, chemicals, or any abrasive product when cleaning your Dodge Ram 3500 fender flares. You can clean the unpainted surface area using just car soap and sponge until it becomes dirt free. Use a clean lint-free rag in drying the surface area. To protect the underside of the flare, put on a coat of certified exterior cleaner designed for automotive rubber and plastic. Make sure to wash it off after 30-60 seconds. You can also apply the same cleaner to the entire surface area.

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  • Determining and Resolving Common Issues with Your Dodge Ram 3500 Fender Flares

    Vehicles that usually do rugged tasks, like your Dodge Ram 3500, need more attention than those that are used on the road for usual commutes. It is because the former is exposed to damaging and corrosive elements from the off-roads—mud, potholes, puddles, snow, saltwater—not to mention the added weight they usually have to bear when hauling cargos. So, it isn’t a wonder if one of these days, you’ll feel the need to check your Dodge Ram 3500 fender flares.

    Among the fender flare issues you might want to deal with immediately are:


    The way to address dents always depends on how big they are. Small dents can easily be tapped back using a rubber mallet. Just make sure you tap at the center of the dent to avoid making outward protrusions on the fender flare. For larger dents, on the other hand, you may need a big, strong suction cup that has a hand grip so you can pull back the dent from the outside. While pulling the dent, it would help if you’ll still tap it from the underside with a rubber mallet.

    If you think it will be a tad difficult for you to do such fix while the fender flares are on the vehicle, take time to take them off before doing the fix. By doing so, it will also be easy for you to clean the underside of your Dodge Ram 3500 fender flares.


    Surface scratches are commonplace for off-road vehicles and haulers, what with the environment they are always in and the ruggedness of their task. If the scratches on your Ram’s fender flares are starting to become unsightly or causing the paint to chip or peel off and exposing some metal parts of the fender flare, then waste no time and start finding out how deep the scratches are and what you can do to repair them.

    The first thing you need to do is to clean the fender flares thoroughly and allow them to dry. Deeper scratches may need plastic filler and a little sanding to smooth out the surface. You can also apply plastic polish and buff the surface to restore its glossy appearance.