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Dodge Ram 3500 Headlight

Three Important Tips to Keep Your Dodge Ram 3500 Headlight in Perfect Condition

Headlights need to be bright, always. So unless you want to drive blindly at night and risk your life, you have to keep your headlights in perfect working condition. Besides ensuring your safety and others', maintaining your Dodge Ram 3500 headlight will give you many other benefits. A nice set of headlights helps maintain or increase your Dodge's resale value. It also lowers your insurance premiums, knowing that your risk of getting involved in accidents is reduced. That said, it is vital to make sure that your headlights are functioning well at all times. Here are some helpful tips that won't just help you achieve that but will also make your lights last long in service:

  • Keep your lenses crystal clear.

The headlight lenses are the first headlight components that the natural elements will come in contact with, so it comes as no surprise if they are the ones that will necessitate replacement earlier than expected. Before getting into your car in the morning, make it a point to inspect your headlight lenses to find out if they are still crystal clear. When the lenses start becoming cloudy or turning yellow or if they have surface scratch, don't think twice in scheduling a DIY fix. The good thing about headlight lenses is that you can have them fixed or replaced even without the help of a pro.

  • Deal with any glitch right away.

As soon as you notice any abnormality with how the lights appear or how they function, pay immediate attention to them. Resolving issues that don't directly affect the quality of light emitted by the headlights (such as minor surface scratches) can be put off for a day or two, but those that obviously hurt your visibility—like misaligned and dimming headlights—should be dealt with as soon as you can.

  • Check the headlights' brightness and focus.

Your Dodge Ram 3500 headlight will naturally dim over time, so it's a good idea that you check it regularly for you to know when it's time for a replacement. To check the brightness, you need to park on a level ground, five feet from a building wall, and turn the headlights on. Observe the poll of light from the headlights—it should be bright white. If it is dimming, then it's high time to have the light bulbs replaced.

Focus can be checked in the same way, only that you will be looking at the level of the light that hits the wall. Make sure the lights are aimed well and hitting the same height on the wall. Headlights that are aimed too low or too high are dangerous because they create blind spots.

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  • Finding the Culprit behind Your Dodge Ram 3500 Headlight’s Common Problems

    Most drivers think that as long as their vehicle’s headlights are turning on, they’re good to go. Well, that’s only half true. Sure, your headlights may be working but the issues you may be ignoring can suddenly impair your vision or cause the headlights to totally stop working, making you unable to safely navigate at night. So as soon as you start to notice signs of headlight malfunction in your Dodge Ram 3500, you’d better troubleshoot the problem right away.

    Misaligned headlights

    This usually happens when one of the headlights gets dislodged from its proper position, probably due to off-roading or frequently driving on uneven pavements. To check for alignment, you just have to park your Ram 1500 on a level surface, five feet from a flat wall, and turn the headlights on. Check the level of the light that hits the wall. If they are not on the same height, then you have misaligned headlights. This can be solved by doing some adjustment on the position of the headlights until the light beams are level once again.

    Dimming headlights

    Dimming headlights can be caused by several factors like hazy lenses, inadequate alternator output, and bad headlight bulbs. Check these three components to find out which of them is the culprit. If the ones responsible are your hazy lenses, they can be polished to restore their appearance. If it’s the alternator, you may need to check the alternator output with multi-meter. Defective bulbs, on the other hand, should be replaced immediately to bring back the efficiency of your Dodge Ram 3500 headlight.

    Only one headlight is working

    This issue has five possible causes—loose bulb, burnt bulb, corroded bulb socket, defective ignitor, or wiring harness/ground connection problem. Take some time to check each of these components to determine the one that’s causing one of the headlights to stop working and change what needs to be replaced.

    Both headlights aren’t working

    If this is the case, the probable causes include a blown fuse, bad relay, defective headlight switch, malfunctioning module, or faulty wiring. When troubleshooting, start with the relay and the fuse. Proceed only to the other suspected parts when you’re sure that none of the two is the culprit.