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Dodge Ram 3500 Mirror

Simple Tips to Keep the Top Condition of Your Dodge Ram 3500 Mirror

One of the most vital components in your vehicle that promotes road safety is your Dodge Ram 3500 mirror. It allows you to see all sides of the road clearly. Hence, it is very important for you to keep it in its top condition at all times. What purpose will it give you if your auto mirror is broken or blurry, right? Listed here are some tips to keep your Dodge Ram 3500 mirror in its best form and condition:

  • Use a microfiber towel to gently wipe your mirror.

You must prevent your vehicle's mirror from being scratched to keep its good quality. So if you are cleaning it, a smooth, microfiber cloth or towel can be your greatest aid to wipe it. The advantage of microfiber towel is that it is very effective in absorbing moisture and particles without leaving any marks or fibers on the surface. But it will even be better to soak the towel a little in warm water. This can help to keep your vehicle's mirror polished and dirt-free.

  • Avoid any glass cleaner that contains strong chemicals to avoid any damage.

Some glass cleaners that contain harsh chemicals must be avoided to prevent any abrasions on your vehicle's mirror. Some of these may include ammonia, vinegar, and chlorine. These harsh chemicals can even corrode the areas surrounding the mirror gradually. A mild substance will be enough to effectively clean up the mirror just like a mixture of mild car soap and clean water.

  • Clean the surrounding areas as well with the help of the proper tools and substances.

In order to keep your vehicle's mirror in good condition at all times, you must clean its surrounding areas too. This is because dirt in nearby areas may be brought to the mirror, which can cause scratches. For instance, there is a tough stain or mark near your mirror. The best thing to do is to scrape it off gently with the help of a razor blade. In case of a spill, it is best to spray a mild cleaning solution on the affected area. However, avoid spraying near the mirror's surface to prevent moisture from developing in its rear or inner area.

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  • Tips to Keep in Mind for a Successful Replacement of Your Dodge Ram 3500 Mirror

    As much as you need a mirror to look at your reflection, an auto mirror is something different. It allows you to have a wider perspective of the road situation around you. Your Dodge Ram 3500 mirror is made durable to serve as your road buddy at all times. However, it can be scratched or even damaged because of unforeseen situations. So if you want a new one for your ride, here are some tips to install a new Dodge Ram 3500 mirror successfully:

    Tip #1: Prepare the specific tools needed according to the type of mirror that will be installed.

    Keep in mind that different types of vehicles have varied types of mirrors. Hence, you must know the appropriate tools that you must use before installing your new mirror. If you have an electric mirror, then you need a door panel removal tool aside from the standard fastening tools that are required. This is because an electric mirror has inner panels that can be removed by the said tool. But on the other hand, you need a door handle removal tool if the window where the mirror is connected has a crank handle. However, make sure that you have an alternative tool that will be available for you to use just in case those removers are not accessible, such as a long screwdriver.

    Tip #2: Practice safety throughout the process.

    Upon removing the old mirror from your vehicle, it is better for you to have a storage bin or bucket near your vehicle. This will be the container of the remains from your old mirror so that sharp glass pieces will not scatter on the ground. Another safety measure that you must practice is to wear safety gloves and eyewear to avoid any accident.

    Tip #3: For protection against paint streaks, cover the mirror glass while painting the mirror.

    If you want to spray or brush paint to the housing of the mirror, then you must do it before the actual installation to avoid affecting nearby areas. However, make sure that you put a painter's masking tape all around the mirror glass. This tape will not cause you any hassle upon removal because of its thickness, and it will prevent the glass to be painted.