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Dodge Ram 3500 Nerf Bars

Ways to Show Your Dodge Ram 3500 Nerf Bars Some Care

The Dodge Ram 3500 is almost a tank because of its built. It is truly a genuine American bulk of iron devoted to serve the market. It is composed of the best parts that puts it a level higher, literally and figuratively, above the game. In the figurative department, we can put into consideration the engine specifications, transmission, and creature comforts. These factors make the Ram 3500 a very capable performer that can still offer a noble homey feel as you drive to your destination. On the literal side, you have its significant ground clearance. This allows your truck to go through different terrains with minimal problems. However, this same ground clearance adds a bit of difficulty with getting in and out of your truck. Good thing there are accessories like the Dodge Ram 3500 nerf bars. They provide you the needed extra step for you to access your cab. But in order to fully benefit from its feature, you also need to maintain it. Here are some ways on how to show your nerf bars the proper care they deserve.

  • Give the nerf bar a thorough wash with water.

Since the nerf bars are placed on one of the lowest portions of your truck, they are quick to collect dirt as you make your daily travels. The way to reduce the build-up is to give your panels a thorough wash with water. This activity will help loosen up the layers of particles that are sticking on their surface. All you have to do is direct your hose at an angle and let the water from the hose push them away.

  • If there is still dirt left, go for the good old scrubbing.

The effectiveness of the wash depends on the amount of dirt that has already built up on the surface of the nerf bars. Sometimes, washing them only with water does not do the trick. For this, you will need to get a wash mitt and your favorite car shampoo. Mix the shampoo with water and apply it to the nerf bars in gentle scrubs. The ingredients in the mixture should help get rid of the nasty dirt.

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  • Things to Remember When Putting on the Dodge Ram 3500 Nerf Bars

    We can safely assume that you already have built a bond with your Dodge Ram 3500. The truck is a solid performer and work horse that delivers when needed. The reliability comes in with the engine, transmission, suspension, cooling system, and other things. For now, we put our focus on the ride height. At stock suspension, the truck already provides enough ground clearance to make a toddler pant just to climb into the truck. While the truck might not be equipped with extra steps for you when it comes out of the plant, you can definitely invest on putting a Dodge Ram 3500 nerf bars for it. The parts are fairly accessible and you can even install it at the convenience of your own garage. Here are some things to remember when you are about to mount nerf bars on your truck.

    Tip #1: Consider what you want out of your truck to get the nerf bars to match.

    Having a concept for your truck will help you in finding the right modifications to put on. This principle also applies when you are looking and installing nerf bars on your Ram. Before you try out anything, you have to consider what you want out of your truck. Will it be purely devoted to work, have some flashy pieces on it, or will it be solely devoted for show? These are some of the things that you have to think about when getting the bars. There are a lot of pieces out there. Find the set that best matches your truck and its use.

    Tip #2: Park your truck properly in your work shop. Don't forget to secure the wheels.

    Before you go on with your installation, you should first park your truck properly in your work shop. Position your truck in such way that there are enough spaces on its left and right so that you can properly work on the bolts and mounts of the bars. Don't forget to put your parking brakes on.

    Tip #3: Align and mount the bars in place.

    When ready, align and mount the bars in place. Take a good look at them before you torque the nuts and bolts that attach the bars to the chassis.