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Dodge Ram 3500 Tonneau Cover

Tips to Keep Your Dodge Ram 3500 Tonneau Cover in Top Condition

Your Dodge Ram 3500 is a heavy duty pickup vehicle that you can rely on. With its durable truck bed, you can ensure that your cargo will be delivered safely. To add protection to your truck bed, the tonneau cover is present to do the job. This part promotes safety for the contents of your truck bed, and gives your ride a stylish look at the same time. In addition, it improves fuel economy by reducing the air drag in your truck bed as you travel, according to studies. Because of its significance, your Dodge Ram 3500 tonneau cover needs to be maintained at all times. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Wash and wipe your tonneau cover thoroughly to eliminate dirt and prevent scratches.

Wash your tonneau cover using a mixture of mild car soap and clean water because a mild soapy mixture is safe to apply on your cover. Make use of a scrub brush for removing the dirt from your tonneau cover thoroughly. Do not forget to apply light strokes only in a side to side motion to avoid damaging the cover. If the dirt or stains on your tonneau cover are hard to remove, you may soak them in your soapy mixture for a few minutes. Wipe it afterwards with a soft microfiber towel, which is used to avoid scratching any surface.

  • Use the appropriate cleaner to avoid damaging the material of your tonneau cover.

You can apply a mild tonneau cover cleaner in order to eliminate dirt or stains on the surface. However, choose the appropriate cleaner depending on your tonneau cover's type of material. For instance, if you have a soft tonneau cover, it is recommended to use a cleaner that has an anti-UV protection feature to prevent your soft cover from wearing out. As a general reminder for applying a tonneau cover cleaner, do not use any wax substance because it can react with your cover's material.

  • Check your tonneau cover regularly for any sign of damage.

Inspecting your tonneau cover regularly is a very crucial maintenance action. This can help you to be aware of your cover's condition, and can also help you to prevent further problems when there is a possible sign of damage. Check if your tonneau cover is lubricated enough for it to function smoothly, and to avoid friction with the rails. In addition, check and remove heavy equipment on your tonneau cover if they had been there for a long time. The heavy load over your tonneau cover can cause it to lose firmness. Always consider the capacity of your tonneau cover for this matter.

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  • Two Tips to Remember for an Easy Installation of Your Dodge Ram 3500 Tonneau Cover

    Your Dodge Ram 3500 is a heavy duty pickup ride that deserves the premium protection inside out, even including the truck bed. For this matter, your tonneau cover is up to the task. It gives additional security for your cargo against different weather conditions and road elements that may cause damage. In addition, your tonneau cover adds up to the style of your vehicle as an exterior accessory. According to some studies, it also promotes an increased fuel economy because your tonneau cover reduces the amount of air drag in your truck bed. Whether it is your first time to install one for your Dodge Ram 3500 or not, here are some tips that can help you place it successfully:

    Tip #1: Test fit your tonneau cover to avoid misalignment upon installation.

    Whether your type of tonneau cover has semi-permanent clamping, retractable, or hinged lid, the first thing you need to remember is to make sure that it is fit for your truck bed. This can help to determine if you need additional reinforcements such as clamps or adhesive. Test fitting could also prevent your tonneau cover from having friction or slack with the sides once it is securely attached. Simply lay your tonneau cover on the top of your truck bed and see if there are any adjustments that need to be accomplished.

    Tip #2: Attach all needed components with your tonneau cover for additional support.

    You must not forget to install all the necessary components that come with your tonneau cover, including its two side rails. These rails are important because they support the movement of your tonneau cover. Because of their function, your rails need to be aligned and firm on your truck bed. If they are not in proper position, you will not be able to install your tonneau cover precisely. In addition, check and install rubber seals if they are included in your tonneau cover package. These seals are essential for weatherproof purposes, and must be installed immediately. You can check your manual or contact your manufacturer if there are additional components that you want to clarify.