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Dodge Ramcharger Weatherstrip Seal

Proper Care Tips for Your Dodge Ramcharger Weatherstrip Seal

No matter how tough your Dodge Ramcharger looks like, driving it won't be comfortable without the weatherstrip seal to keep dust, weather elements, and unpleasant odors out of your cabin. But even something as simple as weatherstripping is also bound to wear out after some time. To extend the life of your Dodge Ramcharger weatherstrip seal, check out these helpful maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean your weatherstrip seal.

Like every other part of your car, the condition of your weatherstrip seal also depends significantly on how often you keep it clean. Keep in mind that dirt and dust rob your weatherstrip seal the moisture that it needs, making it prone to premature deterioration. To keep this from happening, regularly wash your weatherstripping using a sponge and hot soapy water. Make sure that you rinse off the soap well. You may also use alcohol for cleaning; however, it should only be used sparingly to prevent it from drying out your weatherstripping completely.

  • Treat it with a rubber protectant.

Conditioning your weatherstrip seal with a good rubber protectant helps prolong its service life. Avoid petroleum-based products because these will do more harm than good; choose a silicone-based product instead. Make sure that the weatherstrip seal has been sufficiently cleaned and dried off before you apply the rubber protectant. Spray the silicone on a clean piece of cloth, and use this to carefully apply the product over the entire length of the weatherstripping. Conditioning your weatherstrip seal every time you wash your car is recommended to ensure it stays in its best condition.

  • Fix damaged parts immediately.

It's a good habit to routinely check your car's weatherstripping for any crack and holes. This alerts you to budding problems and helps you fix them before they turn into even bigger headaches. If buying a new weatherstripping is out of your budget, you can fix minor problems using the right materials. For small holes and cracks, you can simply apply special sealants to cover up the damaged area. However, bigger damage can't be fixed using this method, so replacement is usually required.

  • Avoid parking your car under the sun.

Too much heat coming from the sun causes your weatherstrip seal to wear out earlier than expected. To avoid premature damage, keep your Dodge parked under a cool shade instead of leaving it out in the open and exposed to the sun's damaging UV rays.

  • When to Replace Your Dodge Ramcharger Weatherstrip Seal

    The weatherstrip seal of your Dodge Ramcharger ensures that your ride's cabin is kept comfortable regardless of the weather conditions outside. It efficiently does its job by simply preventing dust, water, moisture, foul odor, and wind noise from getting into your Dodge's interior. However, the weatherstrip seal is one of the most often overlooked parts of a car because it doesn't contribute to the engine's performance, nor does it have any direct effect on your car's appearance. Its importance is usually appreciated only after it gets damaged, and there's nothing to keep the outside elements from coming inside your vehicle's cabin.

    Whether your weatherstrip seal has worn-out due to old age or it just deteriorated prematurely, here are some common signs that your Dodge Ramcharger weatherstrip seal should be replaced:

    Tip #1: You've been hearing excessive wind noise inside your vehicle.

    Hearing the whistle of the wind inside your vehicle even when you have all your windows pulled up is one of the tell-tale signs that your weatherstrip seals may be suffering from holes, crack, or tears. Along with the wind noise, you'll also be able to smell the odors coming from outside your car. If you've been experiencing these things, it may be time to have your weatherstrip seal replaced with a new one that will get the job done.

    Tip #2: Water is leaking into your interior.

    It's part of your weatherstripping's job to keep the water or moisture out of your car under any circumstance. So if you've been seeing puddles of water over your interior after driving through a rainy weather or getting a car wash, then it could be your weatherstrip seal telling you that it has reached the end of its service life and can no longer function the way it's supposed to. If you find yourself in this situation, it's best that you replace your weatherstripping as soon as you can to keep your interior from getting damaged by water.

    Tip #3: Dust easily gets inside your vehicle's cabin.

    Quick build-up of dust inside your interior is also a sign that your weatherstrip seal is no longer doing the job that it's designed to do. If outdoor dust particles can easily get inside your car, it's highly likely that your weatherstripping has worn out or deteriorated. Have it replaced to save yourself from the annoyances of a constantly dusty dashboard.