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Dodge Rampage Console

Common Problems with the Dodge Rampage Console

One of the most-seen parts inside your Dodge Rampage is the console. It also helps make daily driving more comfortable as it serves your specific needs while you are focused on the road. Aside from making the car's interior look more presentable, keeping it in great condition at all times will also prolong its life and save you money from buying replacements. But since it's located between the driver's seat and front passenger seat, getting your Dodge Rampage's console worn out cannot be avoided. Take note of these problems to watch out for in your car's console so that you can do something about them immediately.

Bubbles on the console

When bubbles start to form under the vinyl material of your Dodge Rampage's console, this could be a sign of age or improper installation. These bubbles that accumulate under the vinyl material cause the vinyl to separate from the foam, disabling it from holding the vinyl in place. To prevent the bubble from getting bigger, you will have to repair it immediately as soon as you notice it underneath the vinyl material of your car console.

Rips, tears, and holes on the console lid

Long and frequent exposure to the sun as well as the high temperature inside the vehicle can damage the vinyl material of your Dodge Rampage's console. These factors can cause the material to fade, become brittle, and result to rips, tears, and holes in the vinyl that covers the lid of your console. Aside from looking unsightly, the rips and cracks on your console can also cause discomfort especially if you're using it as an armrest.

Stains and molds

Stains in your car interior can be difficult to remove and can even cause a lot of stress. Because most surfaces inside the car are made of absorbent materials, small and large stains can be easily absorbed into the material and form a stain. If you notice stains in your console, remove it immediately before it completely dries up and becomes more difficult to get rid of. You might also observe mold formation in your car's console. If there are warm and moist spots in your Dodge Rampage's console, mold can grow inside and cause stains and bad odor. Aside from damaging the other interior materials of your car, it may also pose a health risk for you and your passengers.

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  • How to Keep Your Dodge Rampage Console in Top Condition

    Your Dodge Rampage's console may be a simple component but it helps make daily driving much more comfortable. Aside from serving your specific needs while driving, it can also function as an arm rest, and make the inside of your car look more organized. Unfortunately, getting your console damaged and worn out cannot be completely avoided as they are one of the most seen and exposed parts inside your car. To save time and money from frequently buying a replacement part, make sure to follow these simple tips on how to keep your Dodge Rampage's console in good condition at all times.

    Remove the stains.

    Most of the surfaces inside your car are made of absorbent materials. That's why even the smallest stain can become difficult to remove when it soaks into the material. To avoid the stress caused by hard-to-remove-stains, make sure to remove them as soon as they appear. Using supplies that are commonly found inside your house, you can remove stains from your car's console before they dry or spread out. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can get rid of ink stains while baking soda can remove the large ones. Remove the ink stains by simply sponging and blotting. Make sure to avoid scrubbing as it will only spread the stain instead of making it fade away.

    Get rid of the bubbles.

    Age and improper installation can cause bubbles to accumulate under the vinyl material of your Dodge Rampage's console. These bubbles form when the foam that holds the vinyl in place separates from the vinyl. Get rid of these bubbles as soon as you spot them to prevent them from getting bigger and harder to remove. You can remove them with a needle, a masking tape, a hair dryer, and a vinyl seam roller. Simply place a strip of masking tape over the bubble then by using a needle, poke multiple holes through the masking tape and into the bubble. Heat the masking tape for at least three minutes to allow a small amount of glue to get inside of the small holes. Distribute the heat across the taped bubble evenly by moving the tip of the hair dryer across the entire taped area. Roll out the bubble with a small vinyl seam roller until it's completely gone.

    Prevent mold formation.

    If your car's console has warm and moist spots, mold will grow and cause stains and odor. Regularly vacuum your interior to get rid of the visible mold spores then clean it with a mixture of ammonia and cool water. Also make sure that your widows, sunroof, and moon roof are closed when it's raining to keep the inside of your car dry and free of moisture.