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Dodge Shadow Parts and Dodge Shadow Accessories

Some Intriguing Facts about the Dodge Shadow

  • The Dodge Shadow actually has a twin-in terms of release. Launched on August 25, 1986 as 1987 models, the Dodge Shadow and the Plymouth Sundance were introduced as replacements for the Dodge Charger and the Plymouth Turismo, respectively. The twins were the introductory P-bodies of Chrysler, featuring shorter but heavier and more expensive overall makeup.

  • Though popular as a P-body, the Dodge Shadow is actually an AP-body Chrysler machine. The company added the "A" during the 1980s, but it did not become well known to the public. Only a few people knew and actually used this extra "A" when referring to the Shadow's bodyline.

  • This compact car is for first-timers and Eves. It was launched to target female and first-time buyers, adorned with chic Dodge Shadow parts and accessories. In line with this, it followed the styling of the then-prevailing models LeBaron GTS and Lancer. The comfort and handling of the Shadow was particularly designed to suit the needs of female and first-time drivers.

  • At first glance, the Dodge Shadow presents itself as a sedan with a trunk. Look again, because it is actually a hatchback. Chrysler banked on this secret hatchback feature, marketing it as "hidden hatchback versatility." Apparently, the big storage capacity was also a major selling point for the company.

  • The Shadow was once the most cut-rate car in the American market. In 1991, Dodge released the "America" series, which was embellished with plenty of niceties at low prices. The Dodge Shadow America-and its twin automobile, the Plymouth Sundance America-sold at $8, 627 in the American market. At that price, a car owner can already have quality Dodge Shadow parts. These include a 2.2-liter engine with a handful of pleasantries, like Dodge Shadow accessories.

  • In the same year that the low-priced Shadow America series was released, the Chrysler Corporation also introduced convertible versions of this compact sedan. The new model, which was produced until 1993, was also an inexpensive unit at $16, 000.

  • In 1994, the Dodge Shadow-Plymouth Sundance duo bagged the Prevention Magazine's Safe Car Achievement Award. The selection was based on on-road records from 1990 to 1992.

  • The last Dodge Shadow unit was produced on March 11, 1994. The 1, 423, 068th car was delivered to Colonial Dodge in Kensington, Maryland. It was a two-door sedan that sported a 2.5-liter engine and a two-speed automatic transmission.

Dodge Shadow Articles

  • Dodge Shadow Problems

    Sporting the first edition P-bodies released by the Chrysler Corporation, the Dodge Shadow has been a great addition to the Chrysler lineup, showing big promise with its design and selection of Dodge Shadow accessories. But while it featured a lot of advantages over its competitors, it also had its own share of mishaps and troubles. Below are some of the most common problems with some Dodge Shadow parts.

    Faulty seat recliner

    During the latter years of manufacturing Dodge Shadow units, Chrysler faced reports on a faulty front seat assembly. This was a common problem for the 1994 models that had attaching bolts prone to failing and detaching. The problematic bolts can be found at the lower-rear portion of the front seats. The issue, which might cause the driver to lose control of the car, eventually resulted in a recall in 1999.

    Defective speed sensor

    In 1992, Dodge Shadow models garnered a significant number of complaints regarding their speed sensors. This problem was observed by most car owners after long drives that are accompanied by a number of activated car devices. This error in speedometer operations was detected on units with a passenger side motorized seatbelt.

    Flawed transmission system

    Automatic-transmission Dodge Shadow units are known to produce distracting noise and problems in shifting. Other Shadow owners reported slipping transmissions, which could eventually result in electrical problems. Experts associated these troubles with internal parts failure. Fortunately, though, a number of updates are now available to address these transmission woes.

    Noisy engine and shifter

    Noise appears to be one of the most common predicaments experienced by car users. The Dodge Shadow, in particular, has recorded complaints on distracting noise originating from the engine and the shifter. The squeaks that come from the shifter are usually observed by models with manual transmissions. This is usually heard when the car shifts into or out of gear, indicating deeper problems with the shifter assembly. The knocking sound from the engine, on the other hand, is said to be caused by carbon build-up on top of the pistons.

    Worn coolant temperature sensor

    A faulty coolant temperature sensor is a common problem of 4-cylinder Dodge Shadow models. Corrosion of the coolant temperature sensor causes the radiator cooling fan to take a long time before turning on-usually only after the engine is already too hot.