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Dodge Soft Top

While the air conditioning system is a good feature to have on your Dodge during the summer, it is much more fun if you are able to take the top down and enjoy the wind rushing over you. There are a number of models that come with the Dodge soft top, though this feature does drive the cost of the vehicle up a bit. Unlike the hard top it replaces, however, the Dodge soft top is not as durable. After many years, it may become ripped or the seals that keep the water out of the vehicle may start to leak. If you are tired of having wet seats after a rainy day, do not go to the dealership to have them replace the old Dodge soft top. Instead, go to our web site, where you will find the perfect replacement within the pages of our online catalog, almost always for much less. Our Dodge soft top is made to meet the same quality standards and specifications of the original part, for a trouble-free, quality installation. It is made of extremely thick vinyl and other materials that are designed to resist tearing, as well as damage from the weather and other environmental forces. The Dodge soft top also features thick clear vinyl windows that allow a commanding view of the road, and they will not fog as they age. It is designed to provide completely waterproof protection to you vehicle and that is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. When you are ready to order the Dodge soft top, the process can be completed on our secure web site, or your order can be placed by phone, with a toll-free call at any time.

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