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Dodge Spark Plug Wire

The performance of your Dodge depends on the many components in the ignition system, which is designed to initialize the burning of the fuel within the combustion chambers. The Dodge spark plug wires are designed to deliver the voltage that the spark plugs need from the distributor to the plugs, with the least amount of resistance. Because they carry up to 100,000 volts each, they must be very thick and they must have very good insulation. That amount of current produces a high amount of heat, and after about a year, the Dodge spark plug wires will begin to develop a resistance to electrical flow. This will decrease the performance of the engine, as well as its gas mileage. In most vehicles, the Dodge spark plug wires are replaced during the annual tune up, if the correct maintenance schedule is followed. When you need to replace your Dodge spark plug wires, you will find the correct set for most vehicles on our convenient web site, at a very low price. Our Dodge spark plug wires are made to meet or exceed the specifications of the original set, and will provide lasting and reliable service. When installing the Dodge spark plug wires, it is important to do it one wire at a time. This ensures that the engine's firing order is maintained. Take the old wire out, compare it to the new Dodge spark plug wires to find the correct one, and install the wire. Ensure that all of the old installation clips are used, that none of the wires touch hot engine parts, and that none of the wires cross each other at 90-degree angles. The Dodge spark plug wires can be ordered on our secure web site or by dialing our toll-free telephone number and speaking with one of our courteous and capable customer service representatives.