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Dodge Stratus Vent Visor

Common Issues of a Faulty Dodge Stratus Vent Visor

Your Dodge Stratus vent visor lets fresh air in when you roll the windows down while it prevents dust from coming in. Aside from that, it also works as an extended shade for your tinted windows. Since it is commonly mounted on the door of your car, the component may be damaged by harmful environmental factors like the sun's UV rays and hard rain. If you start notice that the vent visor is showing signs of wearing down, then you should perform some troubleshooting. Listed below are some of the common issues you might encounter:

Vent visor blocking the window from rolling up

A common problem encountered with the Dodge Stratus vent visor, particularly the in-channel type, is its tendency to block the window while it's rolling up. This may be caused by the wrong installation of the vent visor into the window channel. However, another reason can also be the wrong type of vent visor installed on your car. You might also need to check the condition of the adhesive tape you have used. It probably needs to be replaced with a stronger tape so the visor can hold on to it tightly.

Dripping water from the vent visor

Water that's dripping from your Dodge Stratus vent visor only means that there's already a crack on the visor's surface. An accidental hit may have caused the crack on the visor that's why you have to inspect it first to know if you can still repair it. When the component is still repairable, what you need to use is a spray adhesive to seal the crack and stop the leak. It is better to remove the entire vent visor from the car before you apply the adhesive easier. However, if the damage is too deep and can't be repaired by simple adhesive spray, then you should already look for a replacement part.

Loosely attached vent visor

If you notice that the vent visor of your Dodge Stratus is hanging loose on the side of your car, then the reason might be the adhesive material of the vent visor is already wearing down. However, you should also check if the vent visor is glued and positioned properly. A quick and simple way to solve is this by using a new adhesive tape to stick the vent visor. Just remember to clean the area thoroughly before sticking the new adhesive on the surface of your vehicle.

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  • Three Easy Steps to a Clean Dodge Stratus Vent Visor

    Just like the other exterior car accessories such as mud guards and car bra, your Dodge Stratus vent visor has to be maintained properly against the harmful elements like the dirt, rain and sunlight. Otherwise, it will deteriorate, wear down faster, and lose its appeal. Here are some tips that can help you keep it in mint condition to keep it looking neat and attractive each time you drive.

    Wash the vent visor of your vehicle on a regular basis.

    It's no secret how you can keep your Dodge Stratus vent visor looking neat every time you drive. All you need to do is to wash the visor regularly. You can even clean it the same time you wash your car's body. A good automotive soap, soft cloth, and water is already enough to do the job. However, if you want to leave a shiny finish on the vent visor, then you should apply plastic polish using a polishing pad. Remember to use only ammonia-free products to prevent a possible damage on the vent visor's surface.

    Scrub off the adhesive residue completely.

    When you need to attach a new Dodge Stratus vent visor, you have to scrub off the residue from the old adhesive completely before you stick the new one. A tar remover is a good product that can remove the adhesive effectively. You can also use a bug remover if there's no tar remover available. Simply apply it with a clean cloth and rub it on the residue. Be careful not to use sharp objects when you removing the residue because the pointed objects can only cause scratches and chip or damage your car's paint.

    Check the condition of the vent visor periodically.

    The adhesive tape of your Dodge Stratus vent visor may soon wear down due to the unpredictable weather from the heat of the sun to the cold snow. This might be a reason why the visor may suddenly be loosely attached on the door. What you need to do is to check the condition of the vent visor periodically, especially if the rainy or snowy season arrives. This is a good preventive maintenance to make sure that the vent visor of your car is still good to use and ready for any season.