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Dodge Tail Light

It's time to replace your defective taillights with new and efficient Dodge auto tail lights. Auto tail lights are important part of the vehicle's safety system. It is a must if the path is dark especially if you are driving together with your family and loved ones. Several accidents are reported due to defective taillights. That's why to avoid such incidents, regular repair and replacement must be done. There are lots of items in various types and designs to choose from like Dodge taillights so you will surely get the product that will suit your personal choice.

Tail light repair and inspection can be done in easy ways. The light emitted can show its condition. The taillights system must be thoroughly checked to determine the defect. Some bulbs can be easily removed by simply pulling it out. Other types need rotation of the bulb socket in a counterclockwise movement while some types have sockets and notches which need screwdrivers and other car tools. Cracks and burns are the common taillight defects. A broken light filament is a sign that there is a need for a new bulb. Moisture is one of the causes of burned halogen auto tail lights. The trapped water vapor inside the light can cause it to explode or even burn out. Thus there is also a need to check the seals in the tail light areas.
Be sure to clean the reflectors and lenses. Compressed gas, alcohol, soft rags or big Q-tips can be used for heavy dust and dirt accumulated on the auto tail lights but it must be done with utmost care to prevent scratches on the reflectors and to remove the coating. Scratched reflective coating can be remedied by installing new clusters or repainting the reflectors with silver paint. Crumbing gaskets can be replaced with silicone seal by placing a thin layer to the seating groove. While the silicon is still soft, mix a little oil and allow it to dry and get hard. To clean the tail light cluster, soapy water mixed with raw rice can be used. After cleaning, rinse it with distilled water then allow it to dry naturally for 24 hours.

Don't forget to check the electrical connections that join the bulbs. For better connection, the spring connections on the bulb base can be moved towards the bulb base to generate more pre-load against the bulb. To have brighter auto tail lights, change the stock single-filament tail light bulbs with other bulb high powered types. Smaller types can protect plastic lenses from added heat.

  • Closer Look at Dodge Tail Light

    When you are driving at night in your Dodge, other drivers behind you must be able to see exactly how far away your vehicle is away from them. This critical job is done by the Dodge tail light. There is one on each side in the rear of the vehicle, and they automatically come on when either the running light or the headlights are being used. The bulb in the Dodge tail light rarely lasts more than a year, but fortunately, it is an inexpensive part to obtain and an easy part to replace. Within the pages of our online catalog, you will find the perfect replacement for almost any vehicle, at a very low price. Our Dodge tail light bulb is constructed to the same specifications as the original part, so it will be easy to install and it will perform just as well. For most vehicles, we also offer the entire light assembly, if the original has been damaged in some way. Our Dodge tail light assembly is an exact replica of the original, so it will keep the look of your vehicle original. If you would like to modify the style of your vehicle, we also offer custom assemblies for many vehicles. There are various versions of the custom Dodge tail light available, including the popular European look styles. All of our lighting accessories are made to high quality standards, and they can be counted upon to perform well, standing up to the elements and even to extreme temperatures. Your new Dodge tail light or bulb can be easily ordered either from our secure web site, or over the phone, with a toll-free call to one of the associates in our sales department.