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Dodge Thermostat

The engine of your Dodge has a specific range of temperatures in which safe and efficient operation can be maintained. The Dodge thermostat is one of the parts used to ensure that the temperature of the engine remains within the correct operating range. When the engine is cold, the oil does not protect it efficiently, so the cooling system should not be used until the engine heats up. While the engine is cold the Dodge thermostat stays closed, which prevents the coolant from flowing through the engine to cool it. As soon as the engine reaches the correct operating temperature, the Dodge thermostat will open, allowing the cooling process to continue normally. As your vehicle ages, the operation of the unit may start to become inefficient. Soon the Dodge thermostat may stop moving, remaining in one position or another. If it is stuck open, the engine will take much longer to reach operating temperature, and more friction damage may be inflicted on the engine, because of the reduced effectiveness of the thick oil. If the Dodge thermostat is stuck closed, the engine may begin to overheat, and if left alone, severe engine damage could occur, such as melted seals. Fortunately, the Dodge thermostat is available from our online catalog at a great price, for most vehicles. To install the unit, the old part must be removed, the old gasket must be cleaned off the engine surface, and then the new part and its included gasket can be installed. When you are ready to order the Dodge thermostat, the process can be completed through our secure online ordering system or by phone, with a toll-free call.