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Dodge Vent Visor

Keeping the windows of your Dodge clean can be a frustrating task, and is often a chore that is repeated excessively often. There are many products available from the aftermarket that can help keep the windows clean, and the Dodge vent visor is one of them. By installing one of these on each of your doors, the windows will stay much cleaner. The Dodge vent visor works by redirecting the flow of air away from the window. All of the dirt, insects, and other debris carried within the stream will be diverted, leaving your window clean and safe from flying road debris. The Dodge vent visor has other excellent features, as well. When you are driving on the highway with the windows down, the product will reduce the amount of wind noise that is heard inside the cabin. If it is raining outside, the Dodge vent visor allows you to crack the window a bit, for fresh air, without getting wet. Finally, it provides a bit of protection from the blinding rays of the sun. Manufactured from impact-resistant plastic, the Dodge vent visor is very durable and it comes in an attractive black color that will be a nice accent for any vehicle. A full set of instructions is included that will guide you through the installation process, as well as any items that you will need to mount the unit. Using double-sided tape, the Dodge vent visor installs securely into the window channel, without any permanent modifications to the vehicle. When you are ready to order the Dodge vent visor, the process can be completed on our secure web site or over the phone, with a toll-free call to our friendly sales staff.