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Dodge W100 Pickup Vent Visor

Troubleshooting your Dodge W100 Pickup Vent Visors

So, you've picked up a set of Dodge W100 pickup vent visors to make your truck's exteriors look better and its interiors more comfortable. However, these accessories are now giving you a headache because they've cracked or you can't close your windows completely. Take a deep breath and read about the ways in which you can try troubleshooting your vent visors:

Reattach the in-channel vent visors.

If your Dodge W100 has power windows, you might be finding it difficult to have them raised up completely because of your in-channel vent visors. This creates a gap that lets a lot of wind noise enter inside your pickup. Even if you try pushing the visors upwards, you'll find that this problem can be quite persistent. This might be because your visors are attached by adhesives that are losing their hold on the rubber weatherstrips. So, you'll need to remove your vent visors and re-install them onto your W100. This time, you'll need to use the right kind of tape and/or a couple of tiny clips so that they don't come loose again.

Mold the weatherstrips to the in-channel vent visors.

If you still find it difficult to close your windows properly, you can try getting your weatherstrips to mold its shape around the vent visors. You just need to roll your windows up manually until they reach they fully close. Then, you'll need to leave them in this position for three days. If the rubber weatherstrips are successful in conforming to the vent visor, then your windows will have more room to fully close.

Re-initialize your power window motor

If the window still doesn't close all the way up, you can try to de-initialize your power window motors so that they returns to their factory settings. Afterwards, you'll need to initialize the motors if you want to automatically open and close your windows again. If this still doesn't work, then you should consider getting external tape-mounted vent visors instead.

Seal the cracked external tape-mounted vent visors

If you've installed external vent visors instead of the in-channel ones, your headache can be caused by their cracks. These are often crossed by something that has hit the visors or something that has put too much pressure on them. If the cracks are small enough, you can use a spray adhesive to seal the leak. Just remove your visors and apply the adhesive all over them. Then, wait for the adhesive to dry for a couple of hours before re-installing the visors. However, if there are too many cracks, or if there damage is too big for an adhesive to fix, you might be better off replacing your Dodge W100 pickup vent visors with new ones.

  • Maintaining Your Dodge W100 Vent Visor

    The timeless design of your Dodge W100 can be enhanced by a set of vent visors. These accessories go over your windows to give your pickup a more distinct look that isn't over the top. They also allow you to open up your windows a little bit so that you can have fresh air circulating inside your pickup without all the wind noise and inconvenience of having the windows rolled all the way down. They're designed to deflect rain or snow so that your cabin stays dry while you continue to get your dose of fresh air. To make sure that you continue to enjoy these aesthetic and functional benefits, you'll need to maintain your Dodge W100 vent visors at their best by choosing the right adhesive and removing its residue afterwards.

    Choose the right tape.

    A lot of external tape-mounted vent visors come with automotive grade tape to make installing them much easier. However, they can wear out over time so your visors might become loose or fall off completely. To prevent this from happening, you'll need to use the right adhesive to supplement or replace this tape. Don't use any old adhesive that you find (like that double-sided tape you borrowed from your wife's craft table.) Instead, look for an automotive tape from the 3M brand, or something similar, that has been designed to attach to the exterior trim of the car. This type of adhesive is known more generically as an acrylic foam tape because of their visoelastic foam core.

    Remove the residue.

    There will be times when you need to remove your vent visors. Apart from replacing it with a new one, you might also need to adjust the way they've been positioned or apply some spray adhesive over some minor cracks. This process will leave behind some residue on your Dodge W100 that a lot of vehicle owners have found difficult to remove. But, all you really need to do is to remove the tape before rubbing your bare fingers over the residue so that some of the residue comes off. Afterwards, wet a rag with some vegetable oil or an acrylic foam tape residue remover and wipe it onto the residue. Let it soak five minutes before rubbing vigorously until all of the residue is gone. Finally, wash your pickup thoroughly and you can become the envy of those other drivers.