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Dodge W150 Weatherstrip Seal

Easy Ways to Extend the Service Life of Your Dodge W150 Weatherstrip Seal

Your Dodge W150 weatherstrip seal may look like a boring stretch of rubber but you should always keep in mind that without it, you won't be experiencing any comfort while riding your large and rugged pickup truck. Just imagine how uncomfortable and irritating it would be when you start hearing wind whistles inside the cab and water comes seeping into your interior through the weatherstripping's miniscule cracks and pinholes. Save your truck's interior from getting damaged while avoiding the hassles and cost of getting a new weatherstrip seal for your vehicle by taking care of it properly. Here are some easy things you can perform to make sure that the weatherstripping of your Dodge W150 lasts longer without any complications:

  • Keep away from premature damage by routinely cleaning and conditioning it.

The most common reason why a weatherstrip seal may get damaged long before the end of its service life is due to lack of cleaning and conditioning. If you want to make the most out your truck's weatherstripping for an extended length of time, then you shouldn't neglect the simple task of keeping it tidy and reinforcing it with a rubber protectant.

Washing the weatherstrip seals with a mixture of soap and warm water will do the trick. You may also clean it with alcohol if you're looking for an easier and less messy alternative. Don't forget to give your weatherstripping a good coat of rubber or silicone protectant to make it more resistant against cracking and water damage.

  • Periodically inspect your weatherstrip seals for signs of damage.

When it comes to damage, it's important that you tend to small ones before they become totally irreparable. The best way for you to accomplish this is by monitoring the condition of your weatherstrip seals. Inspect them every now and then to see if there's anything you need to fix. Look for cracked, loose, or torn areas. You may use seam sealers to touch up minor defects. If the damage is too severe, it would be better for you to just replace the entire weatherstrip seal instead.

  • Steer clear of the damaging UV rays.

The UV rays coming from the sun are highly damaging, especially to car parts that are made from rubber. This is why you should keep your weatherstrip seals ways from the sun as much as possible. Try to park under shaded areas to keep it from prematurely wearing out.

  • How to Install Your Dodge W150 Weatherstrip Seal Easier and Faster

    Dirt, dust, moisture, and various weather elements have no room inside your vehicle. It's a good thing that your Dodge W150 weatherstrip seal is there to make sure that they're kept outside where they should be. It's the weatherstripping's job to seal off the gaps found on the doors, windows, windshield, and other parts of your truck that needs to be kept away from the outside elements. Unfortunately, your truck's weatherstrip seal isn't meant to last forever. Over time, it'll wear-out and become ineffective. If you're recently seeing water puddles or hearing the wind noises inside your cab, then you may be due for a weatherstrip seal replacement.

    Installing a weatherstripping is not really a hard job. This DIY task can be accomplished in no time, especially if you're using the right tools and methods. If you're looking for a way to make this whole process a lot easier for you, check out the following simple tips on how you can install your weatherstrip seal faster:

    Tip #1: You need to remove the old weatherstrip seal before anything else.

    There's no way for you to install your new and fresh weatherstrip seal if you won't remove the old one. So, obviously, the first thing you need to do is to remove your vehicle's old weatherstripping carefully. Try not to damage the areas that are surrounding it. Gently pull off the old weatherstrip seal and see if there are any screws and rubber studs that are obstructing it. You can also use the old weatherstripping as a template for the new one; simply compare those two with each other to see if they match.

    Tip #2: Read and understand its installation manual.

    Reading and fully comprehending the installation manual that came with your weatherstrip seal may sound boring but it's the best way for you to avoid making installation mistakes. It'll give you an in-depth guide of the materials and methods that are perfect for the type of weatherstripping that you have.

    Tip #3: Give it ample time to adhere properly.

    Your Dodge W150 weatherstrip seal will not magically stick on your truck the moment that you attach it over the mounting surface. It's a good idea to give the adhesive ample time to dry up before using your truck again. To achieve better results, apply the adhesive sparingly over the mounting surface first and wait a few minutes before you stick the weatherstripping over it.