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Door Handle

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As its name suggests, a door handle is used to open and close car doors. It is found on both the exterior and interior sides of automobile doors, although they are used differently on each panel. The one on the outside is pulled to open the car door, while the inside door handle is used to release the door latch before you can push the door to let yourself out.

Some car door handles can be found protruding from the exterior side while some are built into the fascia of the vehicles so that they seem to follow the contour of the car's body. They are usually made of steel, but doors of more expensive cars feature chrome door handles. Luxury automobiles such as the Lincoln Town Center are even decked with an electronic entry pad that requires you to either enter a numerical code or have your thumb scanned so you can open the car door.

In regular door handles, a toothed wheel at the side panel of the door, called a rotor, helps do the job. The rotor rotates and turns its teeth so to latch and unlatch with the striker when you open and close the car door. Although the door handle is probably one of the least complicated parts of your vehicle, it is just as important because it's the one that gives you entry and exit to your car. If isn't working well, you would obviously be trapped inside your car or perhaps be denied access to your own car. That would be a misfortune. A car door handle can cause you a lot of inconvenience if it isn't working properly, so it should not be taken for granted.

Door Handle Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Door Handle

    Are your hands slipping when you open your car doors? Get a new door handle to open your ride's door with ease.
    Ignorance won't bring you bliss, especially when your car and its maintenance are involved. Yes, it's important to devote most of your time looking after major parts like the engine or the radiator. But what some owners don't know is they also have to provide time for little parts as well. If you don't, these parts may break down-and this can be very annoying and inconvenient. For example, your car's door handle. It may not be as demanding of your attention like the engine is, but it sure does deserve your care. And you better know why.
    Well, first of all, simple as door handles are, you can't do without them. We all know the obvious reason: they enable you to get in and out of your car. When they get damaged, they give you a hard time entering or leaving your car. Imagine getting stuck inside your car or being unable to enter it because of a faulty car door handle? You'd certainly miss important meetings, be late for that much-awaited first date, and what do you know-maybe even more humiliating situations.
    What's worse is that with a broken door handle, your car's safety is also greatly compromised. Thieves can get in easily and steal your things, or worse, your car. If you don't want to go through that, better take care of those door handles. Avoid car troubles by doing regular car maintenance of all your car's parts, no matter how big or small they are.

  • The Automobile Basics: Door Handle

    Car doors serve as points of entry and exit in any vehicle. They also provide protection to the occupants while the vehicle is speeding down the highway. Without them, there's a chance that the occupants would be thrown out of the vehicle if the vehicle makes a sudden turn. Car doors are composed of several components that aid in its efficient function. One of these essential parts is the Door Handle which makes opening and closing even more convenient to do for the occupants. It's hard to imagine doors without their respective door handles. Occupants would have a hard time opening the car door if they only have the slipper door panel to grab on to. It's a good thing that car makers came up with the idea of integrating handles on every car door. Door handles are not designed to last the lifetime of a vehicle. They will also end up damaged after a period of time. Early wear is also likely to happen especially if owners fail to provide them with regular and proper maintenance. The fact that they are always exposed to harmful elements makes maintenance even more imperative. However, if a Door Handle is already damaged beyond repair, car owners must replace it immediately. They surely wouldn't like dealing with a jammed handle when they are in a big hurry for an appointment. Car owners who are also Do-It-Yourself mechanics can also accomplish the Door Handle installation on their own if they want to.

  • Door Handle: Just the Facts

    Are you having a hard time just with opening your car's door? A jammed door handle could be the cause of your problems. Although commonly used, the door handle is one of those auto parts that are mostly neglected during vehicle maintenance.Most drivers wouldn't give door handles a second thought unless these handles become stuck or simply won't budge to open the vehicle's doors. Lack of proper maintenance and the door handle's frequent use makes this auto part vulnerable to wear and tear.To prevent its premature deterioration, regular door handle maintenance should include the application of lubricant and check-ups on the handle's mechanism. And if repairing your damaged door handle is out of the question, replacing it is the best option.Car Parts offers a complete line of door handles for a wide range of vehicles. There's no way you can't find the door handles you want at our catalog!

    • Door handles can be made from durable plastic and metals like aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and magnesium alloy.

    • Door handles are better replaced than repaired when damaged.

    • Aside from making vehicle entry easier, door handles can add a customized look to your vehicle.