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Door Handle Cover

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Either be gentle with the door handle, or go with a door handle cover. As tough as your car's door handles may appear, they are still susceptible to damage. Since they frequently come into contact with you and your passengers, scratches are hard to prevent.Blame it on wedding rings, watches, or even keys-any object can cause considerable damage if it impacts the handles with enough force. These handles can even hit trees or the doors of other vehicles when you exert too much force pushing the door open.That's what a door handle cover is for-it protects your car's door handles from the daily grind of opening and closing the doors. Although small, it's a helpful modification to your car's exterior. It not only protects the handles from scratches but adds to your car's overall looks as well.You'll find plenty of these handle covers here at Carparts.

• Made from automotive grade ABS chrome for utmost durability

• Has provisions for a keypad lock

• Pre-applied 3M tape makes installation easy