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Door Lock Actuator

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When it comes to car safety, locking the doors at all times is a must. Having to reach over to lock the doors while driving, however, beats the purpose of safety. It can cause you to lose control of the steering wheel. That's why some owners of early-model cars have a power locking system installed on their car's doors.The system makes use of a door lock actuator on each door. Flicking a single switch on the driver's door control panel actives each actuator, which either push or pull on the linkages operating the door locks.Through time, natural wear and tear can catch up with the actuators and cause them to start sticking. Whether the fault is electronic or mechanical, it's going to make locking the doors a hassle. You may have to manually lock them once the actuators fail totally.You should be able to replace a door lock actuator all by yourself. Just grab a replacement here at Carparts.

• The actuator makes locking your car's doors quick and easy.

• For your convenience, the actuator can be installed in less than an hour.

• Actuators are available for driver and passenger-side applications.