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Door Lock Switch

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Safety is a subjective term. For car owners, it may mean the welfare of their passengers, including themselves, or the safety of their car and whatever's inside it. Lives are more important, of course, but it's not to say your car isn't.Thus, it should be safe to say that keeping your car's doors locked at all times is the simplest precaution against accidents or theft. But sadly, a lot of car owners accidentally leave their car doors unlocked. So what's the door lock switch for besides being mere decoration?Modern cars now have a main lock switch on the driver's door panel to make locking the doors a lot simpler. With just one flick of the switch, you automatically lock all your car's doors. The same goes for unlocking them.A door lock switch usually comes standard with power door locking systems. But they can fail through time, whether due to rusting or natural wear and tear. If the switch for your car's doors breaks down, grab a replacement switch here at Carparts.

• The switch helps keep your car and passengers safe.

• Its OE design and specifications make the switch easy to install.

• The switch protects your car against theft.