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Door Shell

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Are the scratches and dents on your vehicle's doors becoming too many to ignore? Don't worry; replacing the entire door isn't your only option. Since the damage may be limited only to the door's surface, you could opt to replace just the door shell.The door shell is a sheet of metal that makes up part of your vehicle's exterior, and to which the interior door panel is attached. Since the door's shell forms a major part of your vehicle's exterior, it's only natural for the shell to accumulate signs of wear and tear.But there are steps you can take to make sure the shell looks and stays its best for a long time. You can apply wax and protectants on the shell's surface, to prevent mud and water from fading the finish too soon.If the damage is too severe to repair, though, you can trust Carparts. We have an extensive line of door shells custom-designed for your vehicle model.

• Indispensable part of your vehicle's doors

• Can be custom-painted to match your vehicle's paint job

• Built to provide sufficient support to the door panels

Door Shell Articles

  • Sport a New Door Shell in Six Easy Steps

    Maintain that stylish-looking ride with a replacement door shell that is a perfect match to your original compartment. Dents, scratches, or bends-whatever imperfection that may have scarred your door can be easily treated with a good-fitting door shell. Find that tool now and install it in six easy steps.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Tools needed

    1. Trim panel removal tool or screwdriver
    2. Jack
    3. Small piece of wood
    4. Safety gear

    Gearing up for the installation

    Always observe safety precautions while working on your automobile. Wearing safety glasses, latex gloves, closed-toe shoes, and other personal protective equipment is highly advised.

    Keeping the salvageable lot

    After properly prepping up for the task, identify the damaged door. Use the jack to support the door throughout the adjustment. The small piece of wood can be used to help prop it open in the absence of an assistant. Start off the installation by detaching the parts and the interior panel. For a quick and easy job, use a trim panel removal tool or a pocket screwdriver and start with the door handle and door levers first. Work on the armrest and window next. Unfasten other reusable hardware too, as a new door shell doesn't usually come with door parts like the lock mechanism, speakers, side mirror, and regulator.

    Securing the wirings

    Be sure to disconnect the electronic harnesses and other wirings that still connect the old door shell to the door and door panel. Remove the rubber grommets also, as these can be used in the new door shell as well.

    Removing the damaged door

    Detach the affected door by opening it wide and unfastening completely the bolts for the two hinges. We recommend that you leave the hinges attached to the door's frame, but loosen them a bit. This will ease the realignment of the new door shell later.

    Installing the new door shell

    Check if you have the right replacement for your old door shell. Take note of the size and alignment of the new one by mounting it on the still attached hinges. Loosen or tighten the bolts, according to the alignment of the new shell. Make sure the bolts are not over-adjusted, so the door can still open and shut completely without scratching further your car's body. Having equal gaps around it is also suggested.

    Mounting the interior panel

    Once the new door shell has already been aligned and installed, proceed with reassembling the interior components you removed earlier. Check each part (i.e., lock, speakers, etc.) first before mounting them back to the panel.