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Door Skin

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Sometimes, you can tell how much a car owner loves his ride just by looking at the car's exterior. The more dents or scratches, the more likely it is that the driver doesn't give his car the care it deserves.Don't allow other people to think the same about you. When your car's door skin gets too worn or damaged, replace it immediately. It's easy to give your car's doors new skin.First, detach the door and remove all door mechanisms (remember to put the mechanisms back in place after installation). Grind off any weld spots and peel the damaged door skin off. Fit the replacement skin over the door frame and weld the skin into place. Afterwards, you can give the door a coating of primer and re-attach it to your vehicle.Easy, right? For top-quality, affordable door skins for your vehicle, trust only Carparts.

• Installing new door skins is a perfect remedy for moderate door dents or scratches.

• Door skins come with pre-bent ends for easy installation.

• Each door skin is designed to be more durable than stock door skins.