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Wheel Lock Set by Dorman

You probably love your new custom wheels or rims and would be heartbroken should anything untoward happen to them. The sad fact is that there are lots of desperate people out there who'd love to make some sweet coin off of your new wheels. And that's why you need a reliable wheel lock set. Wheel locks are specialized lug nuts that are intentionally designed to prevent wheel and rim theft. These nuts work like your typical lug nuts but require a special keynot just the everyday lug wrenchin order to remove them. Wheel locks come in various sizes and configurations, and are offered in various key configurations to reduce the risk of theft using a similar key. So if you want ensure that your stylish wheels and rims stay on your ride, then you need high-quality Dorman wheel lock set.

Dorman has been in the auto parts business since 1918 and hasn't slowed down since. In fact, it's been improving its components with every succeeding year, making them a reliable choice for motorist the world over. Dorman manufactures a wide range of top-quality engine, braking, and interior products that are sure to be worth your money. This is one brand you can certainly trust, and that's why you can't go wrong with new Dorman wheel lock set.

The quality wheel lock set from Dorman comes with everything you may need to keep your wheels and rims secure, from heavy-duty locks to a superb Dorman wheel lock key replacement. The locks of this set come with a stylish chrome finish that will enhance the overall look of your wheels. This finish is most ideal for vehicles with custom chrome rims, as it will give your wheels a uniform and streamlined look. These locks also provide an OE replacement product fit, ensuring that they'll fit your ride like a charm. So if you're looking to keep your beloved wheels and rims safe 24/7, then put your trust in a new Dorman wheel lock set.

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