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A driveshaft or driving shaft is a device that transfers power from the engine to the point where work is applied. In the case of automobiles, the drive shaft transfers engine torque to the drive axle, which connects the two wheels together on opposite sides and with which they turn. The driveshaft is also sometimes called propeller shaft.
Drive shafts are essentially carriers of torque. Before they became a vogue, older automobiles used chain drive and even generators to transmit power to the wheels. Drive shafts today, however, have U-joints, devices which help them to move and down during suspension. Some drive shafts also have another kind of joint, called slip joints, which allow them to adjust their lengths to the movement of the suspension.
Adjustments aside, drive shafts are of different lengths depending on their use. Long shafts are used in front-engined, rear-drive vehicles while shorter ones are used when power must be sent from a central differential, transmission, or transaxle.
Because of the load they carry, driveshafts must be strong enough to bear the stress that is required in the transmission of power. Thus, they must be periodically checked, too. Some U-joints do not require periodic lubrication as they have been designed that way by their manufacturers, but they must be inspected at each oil check nevertheless. Bad U-joints could cause the driveshaft to separate from the vehicle.

Driveshaft Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Driveshaft

    Help your car achieve the maximum turning capacity of its wheels by replacing its old and creaky driveshaft. Get a new one today and see instant results.
    Have you ever thought about how the power from your engine reaches your car's wheels? It's actually very simple and there's no black magic involved. You don't even need to have a degree in rocket science to understand how this is done. This process is made possible through the driveshaft.
    Driveshafts are elongated rotating shafts or poles that connect the transmission output shaft to the differential. Through this connection, the power from your engine can be transmitted to the wheels. Once the power has been transmitted, the wheels will start to turn and then of course, your car starts to run.
    For the driveshaft to accomplish this function, it has to be made from a sturdy material. And one such material is aluminum. An aluminum driveshaft is perfect because it is not only tough but also light-weight.. Plus, an aluminum driveshaft will also improve your car's balance and decrease your car of unnecessary weight. This will improve your car's overall performance since it has a driveshaft that works the same but is lighter. So, if you're planning to get a new driveshaft, go for the aluminum ones. And why not? You get several advantages on top of its basic function. You can consider it as giving your driveshaft a good upgrade.

  • Driveshaft: Just the Facts

    Balance over power. It's a helpful piece of advice anyone holding a steering wheel should remember. It doesn't apply only to driving but to car parts as well, especially the driveshaft. It's that long cylindrical piece of metal hanging under your car, rotating every time you step on the throttle while in gear. Your vehicle is usually equipped with two drive shafts that transfer torque and power to the wheels. Despite the driveshaft's metal structure, though, wear and tear can still weaken it to the point where it deforms. This is especially true if you like going for drives on the off-road trails. Once the driveshaft loses its balance, it can rattle itself loose from your vehicle's transmission and damage other auto parts nearby. So once damaged and loose, it endangers the rear differential, hoses, and brake and fuel lines. Don't let things get out of hand. If this auto part becomes too worn-out for use, then it's time for a replacement. Auto Parts Deal has just the right one for you.

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