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Speed Limits

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This section does notcondone dangerous driving. It simply states that speed limits should be set by trafficengineers, not by politicians.

I believe that governmentcontinually uses unrealistic speed limits to generate more revenue through speedingtickets.  While most police officers will set their radar guns to trigger on realspeeders that are traveling well above the prevailing traffic flow, some officers will setup speed traps and pick off drivers that are just keeping up with traffic that is safelymoving 10 to 15 MPH above the posted limit (like shooting fish in a barrel).  Thispractice jeopardizes  good drivers, not only in their pocket (through fines andincreased insurance premiums) but through the point system which  puts theirprivilege to drive at risk.

Insurance companies play a big partin this by helping police departments buy new radar equipment as long as they keep theirticket quota up.  On the surface, their intentions seem commendable, but if youfollow the money trail, you find that the substantial increases in insurance rates fordrivers with speeding tickets on their record adds considerably to their profit picture.

Speed limits should be based on the85 percentile rule, the speed at which 85% of the motorists drive at or below. This is notthe case in many areas of the country where speed limits are set ridiculously low, whilepolice hide and wait to pick you off. Most notably the New Jersey Turnpike, an Interstatehighway that is straight for almost 100 miles, until recently, had a speed limit of 55 mph(it is now 65, but with much stronger enforcement.) The safe speed on most of that road iscloser to 75.

Here is a response from a police commander in Florida

If there are anyother police officers that are willing to discuss this topic, I would love to here from you, proor con.  To me, safety is the reason for speed limits, not revenue.  I will setup a discussion group if we get enough interest (keeping all names anonymous of course)

More than ever, I would like your input.
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