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Muffler by Dynomax

Searching for increased horsepower, performance, sound, and a little savings at the gas pump from your next muffler? Well the search stops with the Dynomax Race Bullet Muffler. This muffler delivers race quality performance and power with a sound to match.

Dynomax Race Bullet Mufflers stand out from the crowd due to their patented three way flow directors. These directors channel the exhaust flow to increase horsepower and increase fuel economy. Plus, the design works to eliminate the backpressure that chokes your engine. With the addition of the large diameter internal tubes airflow is especially maximized for optimal performance.

The Dynomax Race Bullet Muffler doesn't skimp on sound or durability either. Fiberglass matting works to create that well-known Dynomax sound-a sound that supplies mid-level notes with minimal resonation. And since the entire system is crafted from 100% aluminum and arc-welded, this muffler keeps on delivering quality mile after mile.

If an American made muffler that delivers racing performance, sound, and looks is right up your alley, then order the Dynomax Race Bullet Muffler today. Just contact our customer service department online if you have questions about this unit. And since it is backed by a lifetime warranty you will never need to worry about its performance.

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Dynomax Muffler Articles

  • Dynomax Series: Super Turbo

    Dynomax Muffler

    Are you looking for a muffler that offers increased power and aggressive tone for your performance ride? Well its time to unleash the power of your engine with the Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler. This is one muffler that delivers big on performance, sound, and durability.

    Dynomax Super Turbo Mufflers can deliver such big power because of their patented flow directors. This technology utilizes a three pass design that channels exhaust flow and reduces backpressure for maximum airflow. And, the system is reversible for versatile installation/ Plus, the large diameter internal tubes open the airways for even more power producing airflow.

    The Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler delivers on sound by crafting its matting out of fiberglass to create a mellow, yet aggressive sound. And this muffler is as strong as they come. Engineered with 100% aluminum the Dynomax Super Turbo is made to last long and look sharp. And the arc-welds help keep the muffler durability during high temperatures and extended use.

    If this Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler sounds like the muffler for you order today. With many configurations to choose from, there is a Super Turbo to fit virtually every car or truck. Plus, every muffler comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Dynomax Series: Ultra Flo SS

    Dynomax Muffler

    Are you looking for the ultimate in performance mufflers? Are you after intense power gains and a motorsports exhaust sound? Do you need a muffler upgrade for your street or race vehicle? Then you can have it all with the Dynomax Ultra Flo SS Muffler.

    Whether you need to navigate the city streets or the quarter mile, the Dynomax Ultra Flo SS Muffler can help you do it with power and style. This system features Ultra-Flo technology that utilizes a straight-through design to maximize airflow. By offering optimal airflow this system can help alleviate the unwanted backpressure that bogs down your engine thus providing the horsepower boost you are looking for.

    The Dynomax Ultra Flo SS Muffler doesn't just provide performance, it also supplies sweet racing sound. Engineered with Continuous Roving Fiberglass technology, this system produces deep aggressive sound with minimal turbulence. Sound tough enough to get you noticed on or off the track.

    Don't forget about the durability of Dynomax UltraFlo SS Mufflers. Made with 100% stainless steel these units are crafted for long life. And the welded construction and high chromium content make these systems as tough as they come. Start placing first, in life and at the track, and order your new Dynomax Ultra Flow SS Muffler today.

  • Dynomax Series: Ultra Flo X

    Want a muffler that can increase your engine's performance on or off the track? How about a muffler that supplies all the motorsports racing sound and style you could ask for? If this sums up what you are looking for then you need to try a Dynomax Ultra Flo X Muffler on for size.

    For the best in power and style no matter where your driving habits take you, you can depend on Dynomax Ultra Flo X Mufflers. Engineered with Ultra-Flo technology, this straight-through system delivers abundant airflow. And optimal airflow is the key to reducing the backpressure that currently hampers your engines performance. Plus, added airflow means added horsepower and performance.

    Now that you have racing performance you need racing sound. The Dynomax Ultra Flo X Muffler delivers deep, powerful sound without all the unwanted noise by utilizing Continuous Roving Fiberglass technology. What could be better than traffic stopping sound on a performance pushing ride?

    The Dynomax Ultra Flo X Muffler is also crafted for durability. Made with 100% high chromium stainless steel and tough welds, this system stays strong from start to finish. Contact our customer service department online if you have questions or just order your new muffler today/ Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.