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Reduce the amount of harmful exhaust gases produced by your car's engine. Get the help of a reliable catalytic converter from Eastern.
Catalytic converters are Eastern's forte. Being a company that's certified in more than 58 countries worldwide, that pretty much cements its claim for being the best. That's why despite the different brands of catalytic converters in the market today, most drivers still opt to get a converter from Eastern. Given the reputation it has, that doesn't come as a surprise.
So what makes this brand better than other catalytic converters? First, each Eastern catalytic converter is built to match the dimensions of your vehicle and comes with quality flanges and flex assemblies. This ensures a perfect fit during installation. Second, it's able to effectively rid your vehicle of harmful pollutants such as hydrocarbons produced during combustion. This is made possible, thanks to Eastern's catalytic chemistry and high-flow design. By incorporating these features into its converters, engine output and catalytic efficiency are maximized. Third, Eastern's catalytic converters are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Each one is developed using nanotechnology, which manipulates the molecular level of its materials. This helps strengthen and enhance the durability of these catalytic converters and make them last longer than other products. Lastly, whenever you get a catalytic converter from Eastern, you're assured of getting all the parts you need to set it up. The product comes with air tube and hose clamps, nuts and bolts, an air tube plug, a fuel injector air tube connector, and installation instructions.
Remember, when it comes to ridding unwanted exhaust, no product does it best than Eastern's catalytic converter. By using innovative technology, Eastern has established itself as being the best in the business. From direct fit, universal fit, high-performance and diesel converters, the company has just got it all/ For your Eastern catalytic converter, only trust Family Car.

Eastern Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Eastern Product, For the Right Job

    Whatever your lifestyle may be and wherever you are, one thing is certain: your car plays an incredibly vital role in your day to day living. And you are not alone! In fact, the entire world would be a vastly different place without cars. Since cars provide you with incredible convenience, losing your ride to wear and tear and neglect would probably one of the worst things that can happen to you. And when the time comes when you need a brand-new Eastern y-pipe, you do not want to be on the road when that that happens.

    The all-important regular maintenance of cars must never be taken for granted. Your car is one tough cookie that is why it can seem like everything is ok for months on end without any real maintenance done on it. But, when you leave your car to rot you run the risk of having your car break down in the worst of times. By that time you are looking at one headache after another since you get your schedules delayed or completely derailed, maintenance and repairs that are certainly not cheap and just a lot of hassle, plain and simple. Make maintenance a top priority so you would know when you need new parts, like maybe Eastern Excluded.

    Car maintenance may be tricky, but it is a necessary step in owning a car. Unless you change cars like you change shirts there is more than enough reason for you to put things in your own hands just do DIY work on your car. Not only do you get to save on mechanic fees, you also learn a lot about your own ride!