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The importance of breaks in your vehicle cannot be undermined. Thus, it is vital to use only top-notch quality brakes for utmost safety in driving. The good news is you can now experience such high braking performance - through EBC Brakes. Finally, you can stop settling for less.

Equipped with the latest innovations such as rotors in drilled and slotted form, EBC Brakes ensure your high-performance automotive braking experience. How? With EBC Brakes, you get short stopping distances, lack of fade, and low dust production. Furthermore, EBC brakes give you drilled rotors without structural weaknesses.

EBC has been known in the international motorsports arena since it started producing motorcycle brakes more than twenty years ago. Due to its' success in the two-wheel arena, EBC is now one of the most well-rounded friction material suppliers in the world. EBC Brakes, particularly, were soon made available for automotive applications as well, both in street and race formats. Choosing which EBC Brakes fit your driving style is easy because of the color-coded product lines.

If you're a racing enthusiast, then EBC Brakes shall be perfect for you. EBC Brakes have made race winners. But regardless of whether you race or not, choosing EBC Brakes with EBC Brake Pads and EBC Brake Rotors are sure to boost your riding experience. Definitely the right way to go.

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  • Tips on Buying EBC Brake Pads & Brake Disc

    EBC brakes, EBC brake pads, and EBC brake rotor products have been professionally designed for the ultimate driving experience - maximum safety, maximum confidence/ The original high friction brake pads offered on European cars must be replaced with original parts or aftermarket pads, which have a matching friction level, in order to prevent a dangerous brake imbalance (front-to-rear friction imbalance). All EBC brakes, pads and rotors are R90 European brake safety tested and approved and thus, can be considered a perfect replacement for original parts on European cars. EBC brakes are specifically designed with high friction premium quality friction material approved to strict ECE R90 brake safety regulations. EBC brake pads eliminate brake judder - these pads will actually compensate for mild brake judder after 300-400 miles of use/ With this kind of quality built in, EBC premium pads will stop your vehicle just like any original equipment pad and better than other less efficient aftermarket pads.
    EBC Greenstuff pads are superb performance pads powerfully built for safety and extended wear, with a uniquely high Kevlar content. Plan for quicker, stronger brake effect on sports cars, coupes, sedans, and even sport driving. EBC Redstuff pads are superb performance pads powerfully built for safety and extended wear on all high performance cars - even in racing applications. Designed for high resistance to brake fade under heavy loads and speeds, EBC Redstuff pads will satisfy everyone from the serious street driving enthusiast to the muscle car fanatic. And when you drive regularly on the racetrack, EBC's exclusive Yellowstuff pads will extend the life of your brakes without sacrificing speed or capability. EBC's exclusive line of SUV Greenstuff Supreme brake pads is the market's premium offering for light trucks, heavy 4x4's, SUVs, and RVs. Noise-free, dust-free, and hassle-free, EBC SUV Supremes are perfect for those needing more than the standard small auto brake pads. You can count on SUV Supremes to stop faster, last longer, and have less brake dust even after thousands of highway miles.
    EBC brake pads create less dust overall and the small amount of dust that does accumulate over time is more easily washed off in EBC systems than in the less-convenient brake pad systems. If a small amount of dust does become evident on EBC brake pad systems after thousands of miles, simply wash it away with a sponge and water or at your local car wash. No aggressive scrubbing is necessary. All pads create more dust, especially as the rotors wear. So, the long lasting, high performance EBC brake rotors are highly recommended for eliminating or reducing dust and extending brake pad endurance. EBC brake rotors are fine tuned with exclusive formula disc alloys, extra-wide dimple hole construction and balanced geometry. The wider slot design of EBC's brake rotors actually draws cool air across pad surfaces, keeping pads and rotors cooler - reducing friction, wear and tear. This special construction also expels dust, dirt, and hot gases more efficiently than fine slot designs, extending the life of EBC brake pad systems far beyond the standard system.
    EBC brakes, EBC brake pads, and EBC brake rotor products have been professionally designed for maximum safety, maximum confidence - your ultimate driving experience/

  • EBC: Precision & Technology

    Expect road-braking performance when you equip your ride with durable and high-quality EBC braking products. No need to take chances/
    Whenever it's your driving safety on the line, don't wait a second longer/ For your damaged brakes and braking parts, get immediate replacements at once to ensure a safe drive with restored braking power. And if you're considering which replacements to get, try those from EBC. This brand is the pioneer in the aftermarket brake pad technology, offering a wide line of brake pads trusted by most major automakers of world-class sports cars. Its brakes are excellent for rallies and high-performance applications, with the brand garnering awards in quality and innovations.
    The importance of a reliable braking system in an automobile is never a question. In fact, many new technologies are being launched to provide drivers and vehicle enthusiasts the best braking power possible. From the old ones made of asbestos, brakes have improved over the years. Pads made from newer metallic resins and higher-performance rotors are now available-more durable and capable of providing more powerful stops in a split second. Plus, EBC brakes are not only more powerful, but also produce less brake dust and less noise, and are resistant to fading and other damage.
    For a powerful braking, you can equip your automobile with a complete braking system from EBC. This way, you can drive confidently despite harsh weather and road conditions. So if you need replacements or simply want to feel the power of a reliable braking system in your drive, it's worth considering a complete line of EBC parts/ These are available in various online and local auto parts shops, so you can easily find what you need. Just remember that the brake disc or brake pad set you get must match your automobile's specifications.

  • Choosing the Right EBC Product, For the Right Job

    EBC brakes are available in different formulas allowing you to custom-tailor your braking experience

    Drilled rotors without the structural weaknesses--only from EBC brakes

    They've put winners over the line in motorcycle and car racing, and EBC brakes can do the same for you

    Color-coded product lines make it easy to choose the EBC brakes that are right for your driving style

    The little British company of EBC Brakes has been making a big splash in the international motorsports arena since it first started producing motorcycle brakes more than two decades ago. With all its success in the two-wheeled arena, EBC brakes were soon available for automotive applications as well, both in street and race formats. Now you can get EBC brakes for your car, truck, van, or SUV in OE replacement compounds, high-performance compounds, and even ultra heavy-duty endurance racing specifications. That makes EBC brakes one of the most well-rounded friction material suppliers in the world, and it's just another reason you should consider installing EBC brakes on your vehicle. The innovation inherent in EBC brakes doesn't stop with pads either. EBC brakes also produces rotors in drilled and slotted form to full round-out your high-performance automotive braking experience. Whether you choose pads and rotors or just pads, you'll be impressed with the short stopping distances, lack of fade, and low dust production you get from your EBC brakes. Better performance without the compromises is out there, and it comes in an EBC brakes box!

    Why do EBC brake pads come in different formulas? Well, EBC was kind enough to consider the fact that different drivers might need different characteristics from their EBC brake pads. Just like in racing, where EBC brake pads for an endurance race wouldn't be particularly useful on a hillclimb car, EBC brake pads for the street needed to take into consideration the needs of a variety of drivers. If you enjoy hard street driving, but don't take your car to the track, there's a set of EBC brake pads engineered specifically for you. On the far opposite end of the spectrum, if you spend more time heel-and-toeing your way through the apexes than you do in rush-hour traffic, you want a totally different set of EBC brake pads to ensure you get long life from your EBC brake pads and solid stopping every time you apply them. Of course, there are different levels of EBC brake pads in between, offering you, the driver, things like low noise, low dust, high friction, and long life, all in different combinations. It's nice to be trustedafter all, the folks who design EBC brake pads figure you know best what your car needs. They're just happy to supply you with the best friction materials possible to help you achieve your goals: EBC brake pads.

    All right, you're familiar with the concept of drilling and/or slotting brake rotors to dissipate dust and heat, right? But you've probably heard horror stories about brake rotors cracking at the drilled holes, or slots clogging with dust. EBC brake rotors solve both those problems yet give you all the advantages of high-performance rotors. That's because EBC brake rotors are both drilled and slotted, providing the highest levels of heat dissipation and brake dust elimination possible. But EBC brake rotors use a wider slot, which prevents dust and scale buildup over time. EBC brake rotors also utilize blind-drilled holes. What's the significance? The holes in EBC brake rotors don't go all the way through the material, giving you all the advantages of drilled rotors without the weakened structure. EBC brake rotors have a host of other great features, including the use of alloys that are specific to EBCalloys that the company has tested in racing use for decades. And EBC brake rotors are available for tons of domestic and imported vehicles. So if you've had a bad experience with high-performance rotors in the past, or you've been thinking about upgrading but were concerned about some of the stories you heard, set your fears aside. EBC brake rotors can give you all the pros of high-performance rotors with none of the drawbacks.