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We understand the importance of shock absorbers for your vehicle, and you deserve only the best. Hence, the right product for shock absorbing is manufactured just for you: high-performance Edelbrock Shocks/ With Edelbrock Shocks, you'll reach new heights of ride control.

Road surfaces that change quickly from smooth to rough can sometimes be difficult to handle. This is where Edelbrock Shocks would impress you with its' ability. A patented IAS valve allows Edelbrock Shocks to quickly sense changes in the road surface and actively change damping characteristics. Other shocks can't react as fast.

Edelbrock's long-time trademark is high performance and you can expect such performance in Edelbrock Shocks. Edelbrock Shock Absorbers assure you of a killer ride combined with great handling whether you're on the track or on the trail. You can never go wrong with the Edelbrock name, known for its' premium quality parts and construction for decades now. Established many years back, Edelbrock has the resources to design and test components more thoroughly than their competition at reasonable costs. Presently, Edelbrock is a full performance auto parts suppliers, offering carburetors, shocks, intakes, and even exhaust components.

If you order now, you'll get everyday discounts on the Edelbrock products plus really fast shipping/ Order the Edelbrock Shocks with the Edelbrock Headers and Edelbrock Intake now and get shocked with the amazing results your vehicle will show.

Edelbrock Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Edelbrock Intake Manifold, Truck Shocks & Header

    Discover Edelbrock shocks and experience powerful control at your fingertips. Edelbrock's exclusive IAS (Inertia Active System) shocks are specifically designed to provide extremely responsive handling even in the tightest turn. Part of every pair of Edelbrock shocks, Edelbrock's patented Ricor IAS system incorporates terrain sensors in the valve design itself, instantly adjusting for extreme comfort with outstanding vehicle control. No competitor has anything close to the powerful suspension system found in Edelbrock shocks. And Edelbrock offers styles for hundreds of cars, trucks, SUVs, and even racing vehicles - all made with pride in America. Edelbrock's Xtreme Travel Remote Reservoir shocks, with high oil capacity, are ready for even the most demanding off-road conditions. Created for lifted trucks and SUVs, the Edelbrock Xtreme Travel Remote Reservoir shocks are zinc plate finished and feature the extremely durable 5/8" rod - a NitroSteel piston rod that is chip and flake-resistant. Edelbrock's Performer IAS shocks have a distinctive red powder-coated finish for a smooth ride, corrosion resistance with class and style. The Classic line of IAS shocks feature a gunmetal gray powder-coated finish and the classic Edelbrock logo. Classics are available for AMC, Ford, GM and Mopar muscle cars. All of Edelbrock's superior performance IAS shocks are designed for enhanced heat dissipation and increased seal life. Edelbrock also provides incredibly responsive handling, because their robotic projection welding system ensures accurate and consistent quality on each and every IAS shock produced.
    Edelbrock headers are available for dozens of applications - including AMC, Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Edelbrock headers are the market leader in quality, strength and durability. Edelbrock designers developed state-of-the-art combustion chamber shapes, using high efficiency ports, to produce improved performance and efficiency. Enhance the performance of your vehicle with dramatic throttle response and top of the line horsepower throughout the rpm range. Edelbrock headers feature threaded inserts in rocker studs and exhaust bolt holes, and manganese-bronze valve guides - all cast at the Edelbrock Foundry and machined in the good old USA at Edelbrock's state of the art manufacturing facility. Edelbrock's perfect Performer and Performer RPM heads make street and bracket racing absolutely awesome. And for racers needing an affordable head with maximum power, Victor Jr. heads are the ideal cost-effective race-winning set up. When you're ready for the best choice for all-out competition, you're ready for the Victor and Victor CNC Edelbrock headers - consistently chosen by many of the best racers in the country.
    Edelbrock's intake systems are high performance machines that follow years of design and testing for the best in induction technology. Intensive research has given Edelbrock's intake design team unprecedented insight into manifold intake characteristics, needs, and enhancements. Their improved induction technology designs are implemented daily at at the ultramodern Edelbrock Aluminum Casting Foundry and machined on high tech computerized machining centers at Edelbrock headquarters. Aluminum intake manifolds for every application have been exclusively developed at Edelbrock. No matter how much power you need, Edelbrock intakes are ideal for your vehicle.

  • Choosing the Right Edelbrock Product, For the Right Job

    With Edelbrock's IAS shocks, the company has brought their performance expertise to the suspension aftermarket

    You can't have a more successful part on your vehicle than an Edelbrock intake, since years of development have gone into every part number

    Edelbrock is now a full performance auto parts supplier, with carburetors, shocks, intakes, and even exhaust components

    Edelbrock has the resources to design and test components more thoroughly than their competition while still keeping costs in check

    Edelbrock shocks changed the world of high-performance ride control when they introduced their IAS shocks a few years back. The competition is still playing catch-up, but you don't have to. Just choose Edelbrock shocks for your vehicle! The innovative IAS valve in Edelbrock shocks permits precision control of the damping mechanism, but most manufacturers can make that claim. Where Edelbrock shocks excel is when the road surface transitions between smooth and rough very quickly. Other shocks can't react fast enough to prevent upsetting your suspension composure. Edelbrock shocks with the IAS system instantly change the shock valving to allow perfect damping regardless of the road surface. Since Edelbrock shocks feature the Edelbrock name, you know you're buying components with premium quality parts and constructionafter all, they're steeped in decades of tradition in the hot rod marketplace. Multi-tube outer shells, high-strength pistons and rods, and precision internal tolerances are just a few of the features that make Edelbrock shocks a product you can rely upon for street racing, off-road adventures, and all-around smooth ride and vehicle control.

    Edelbrock isn't just about induction. While the company may have made its name with carburetors and intakes, Edelbrock headers have become some of the easiest to install, best performing headers in the industry. Their application coverage is pretty extensive tooyou can get Edelbrock headers for everything from your Viper to you Toyota 4Runner. But the really nice thing about Edelbrock headers is that they're designed from the start to be a direct-fit installation on the application for which they're designed. To anyone who has installed headers before, this is a welcome piece of information. Headers can be notoriously hard to wrestle into place, but Edelbrock headers are built for a trouble-free install with all hardware and instructions in the box. And whether you want shorty Edelbrock headers or full-length tubular Edelbrock headers, you'll get premium tubing and materials like stainless steel, ceramic coating, and heavy-duty flanges that are laser cut to ensure good sealing. After all, Edelbrock headers have a pretty big name to live up toafter this many years, you won't find the Edelbrock name stamped on anything less than the best, so trust Edelbrock headers for your exhaust build-up.

    If you haven't heard of an Edelbrock intake, you must be really new to the car game. Edelbrock has been building performance parts since the dawn of the hot rod era, and the Edelbrock intake manifold is probably the company's most famous component line. The Edelbrock intake started out when Vic Edelbrock decided to improve upon the restrictive cast-iron factory manifolds appearing from the factory on Ford and Chevy V8s of the day. His Edelbrock intake manifolds were so successful that the company branched into all sorts of performance products, and they're likely the biggest single name in performance parts to this day. You can find an Edelbrock intake to fit anything from a Nailhead Buick to a Honda B16, and they'll always give you smooth increases in power and torque across the specified powerband. The new air-gap Edelbrock intake even provides cooling air to keep the charge temperature lowera great trick to improve air density. Great fit and finish is another characteristic of all Edelbrock intake products, and manifolds are available in polished or as-cast versions depending upon your budget. Of course, porting and polishing your own Edelbrock intake has been an art for generations now, and we encourage you to tackle the handwork yourselfyou'll find the results rewarding. So bolt on a legend: Find the Edelbrock intake for your car, truck, van, or SUV and enjoy the motive force that only a name like Edelbrock can provide.