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Edge Products is a company primarily devoted to improving your vehicle's diesel pickup horsepower and torque. Its line of products include electronic components that help boosting up your vehicle's engine to produce more torque and power.

All Edge Products are manufactured to give you the assurance that there would be no tampering with your engine's expensive internals. This is possible because they work in conjunction with your stock engine management system in finding the sources of lost power and eventually aiming to regain the same power. These include Edge Performance component chips.

Edge Performance upgrades watch every command that enters and leaves the stock ECU and further identify the areas on which the system should be further improved. Eventually, the Edge Performance computer inserts its own revised and improved instructions that are sent to the proper recipient sensors. So, that's the great advantage when you use Edge Performance Parts over other manufacturer's upgrade chips. So, you are definitely not replacing the factory ECU upon installing Edge Performance upgrades but simply adding a monitor that assures every bit of performance is supported with instructional solutions. This is done in the best way possible with the least amount of workload and hassle on your part. And to that end, all Edge Products are designed with an easy installation feature that can be finished in about ten minutes or less. Edge Products are manufactured with easy do-it-yourself electronic upgrades that take just a little time to install.

So upgrade your diesel engine. Opt for Edge Products and give your vehicle a real edge.