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Performance Module and Chip by Edge Products

Looking for more power? Get the edge for your Dodge or Ford diesel truck with the Edge EZ Performance Module. With big gains, easy installation, and a custom design that works with your engine, this mod chip puts the thrum in your engine and a smile on your face.

The range of power increases you can realize with the EZ Performance Module is astonishing. From 50 to 60 horsepower with the Ford Powerstroke, with an additional 40 to 70 when used with the Dodge Cummins, this chip puts out power galore. You can also increase your torque by up to 100 pounds with the Powerstroke, and the Cummins gains up to a whopping 220 pounds.

If horsepower and torque gains are not enough for you, consider this: the Edge EZ Performance Module improves your throttle response and increases your miles per gallon by up to 10 percent. In addition, the chip provides extra power at low RPMs to reduce the occurrence of downshifting during tows. Unlike other mod chips, you will realize across the board power increases with the EZ Performance Module, so you will benefit no matter what your driving style.

The Edge EZ Performance Module is easy to install. It plugs directly in to your engine, and starts working in minutes. Big power boosts and more are available for your diesel engine with the efficient, hard-working EZ Performance Module at your disposal. The two year warranty ensures that you will continue to benefit from this impressive mod chip for miles of happy driving.

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Edge Products Performance Module and Chip Articles

  • Edge Products Series: Edge Power Juice

    Edge Products Performance Module and Chip

    Kicking up your engine with performance parts can be quite satisfying, but it is important to remember what all that extra power might do to your transmission. If you are adding power and torque in order to pull heavier loads, slippage can cause some serious problems if your engine is not configured to handle it. If you plan to pull to your heart's content, check into the Edge Power Juice performance module.

    Custom designed for your diesel engine truck, the Power Juice performance module gives you more horsepower and torque, along with a wide range of additional benefits. You can boost your horsepower by 25 to 125, and add from 50 to 250 pounds of torque with installation. Improved performance, enhanced drivability, and healthy boosts to your fuel economy make the Edge Power Juice performance module an attractive mod component.

    What about your tranny? Since the Power Juice performance module closely monitors your transmission settings while you drive, downshifting is virtually eliminated. You can pull most loads in the mid-RPM range, so your gears are not straining with the extra weight. When you are not towing, you can choose the performance intensity you need from three preset configurations.

    The Edge Power Juice performance module can be installed in less than 10 minutes. No A-pillar modifications are required, and you will not need any special tools. The Power Juice performance module plugs right in and starts working immediately to boost your performance and towing prowess, while saving you some fuel and enhancing your driving experience.