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EGR Valve Gasket

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Equipping your car's engine with a high-qualiy EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve can have a positive impact on your car's overall performance. However, if the valve comes with a gasket that can't match its qualities, then expect the worst.The EGR valve needs a reliable EGR valve gasket to help it send a controlled amount of exhaust gas back to the engine's cylinders. A faulty gasket allows too much gas into the engine's cylinders, causing excessive backpressure. By re-using just the right amount of exhaust gas for fuel combustion, the engine burns fuel more completely.In turn, this helps the engine cut back its nitrous oxide production. Once nitrous oxides are released into the atmosphere, these gases contribute to the formation of smog. So, to keep your car's exhaust emissions under control, make sure that your car is equipped with a functional EGR valve gasket.If you're still in need of one, you can count on Carparts.

• This gasket ensures that only a small amount of exhaust gas returns to the engine's cylinders.

• Our EGR valve gaskets are designed to endure high pressure and temperature.

• We offer EGR valve gaskets made from high-quality materials.